Bone Broth with Omad? Just wondering who is drinking it?

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about doing bone broth with my omad diet as I have read many great things about it. Just wondering who here is doing bone broth with their one meal a day?

I drank bone broth with my one meal for awhile, but then quit. It just wasn't my taste, but I guess it is good for you and safe with your omad eating window.
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about doing bone broth with my omad diet as I have read many great things about it. Just wondering who here is doing bone broth with their one meal a day?

Thank you for reminding me about the broth. I have some I froze, and can make fresh one soon. I am actually thinking about getting g chest freezer, so I can buy larger amount of grassfed bones for better price for making my broth.

Jimmy Swartz

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I started drinking this recently and love it. It's a nice change from my teas.
Besides the great benefits of bone broth, that is one of the main reasons I drink it. It's a very nice change from teas and water.
I was introduced to mighty bone broth as a child as it was considered an ultimate remedy for all in Russia and still is. Aromatic broth is used as a main food for those recovering after illness, to treat upset stomach, to warm, to energise, benefits are endless. Bone broth diet is not new due to health benefits of collagen and other nutrients found in broth.
I love it, always make it myself from grass-fed bones but since it is not a calorie free drink can we have it outside 'eating window' on OMAD diet?
I have been having both chicken and bone broth lately and I have been enjoying it,so no problem with it at all.I even add some veggie to it.Really nice
You know, I actually wasn’t even aware that bone broth had any specific benefits to it; that is until I came across this thread. Apparently, bone broth is beneficial in treating leaky gut syndrome, overcoming food allergies, improving joint health, reducing cellulite, and boosting immune system. That is a whole boat load of benefits!

I say I’m surprised because bone broth is actually a super common thing where I’m from. Just about no one here makes soup from bouillon cubes, but make their own homemade bone broth. Little did I know, I’ve had a super food right under my nose this entire time.
I've heard loads of people rave about bone broth and all its health benefits but I honestly don't really enjoy it. I prefer my drinks to be water, black tea, green tea, or black coffee and I find those work best for me. But as always, each to their own!


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I bought some chicken broth last week, and then I had a cup of it, watered it down and added a bit of the pink himalayan sea salt, and it really helps if you do get hungry during fasting. Usually, I don’t have a hunger problem, but some days, it is just there, for whatever reason.
Anyway, today, I decided to make some homemade broth.
I chopped up veggies, and added some chicken that still had bones with it, and it has been cooking all day. I read that you should cook the broth for at least a day, so I will leave it on low overnight.
The instructions that I saw said that you should take out the meat and veggies and just drink the broth, when you are having it during fasting. I love soup, so I think that I can eat some of the chicken and veggie soup for my meal tomorrow, and then I will have just the broth that I can put in containers to heat up when I feel like having a cup of hot broth.
I drink beef bone broth we have a dish here called Beef Bulalo which is beef leg bones, cartilages along with the bone marrow and sometimes it even includes the male sex organ if a cow which was boiled for hours with some vegetables until very tender, it's s local aphrodisiac.
Even though I know bone broth is good I haven't had bone broth since I grew up and started living on my own. Reason being it was my mom who made bone broth. I never made it and never got her recipe. It's now sold in the grocery store on the shelf near all of the other broths. But I get the low sodium chicken broth because that's what my husband wants. Since he has a health condition I defer to his food choices.
We have a dish here called Chicken Tinola it's a soupy chicken dish which entails boiling the chicken including the feet and innards like liver for a long time with some onions, garlic, chili leaves, pepper corns, ginger and green papaya. The resulting broth is so tasty and very healthy.
I have some iteration of it from time to time although admittedly I don't seek it out because I do love soup and it does feel good to drink good broth with a meal but it's just not something I seek regularly. Most of the time I will have some type of soup like ramen or even some richer types of creamy soup but I just limit my intake with those because I know those aren't as healthy or goes as well with what i'm trying to achieve with the OMAD diet. Although I do agree that bone broth soup helps a lot with filling you up and does feel nutritious and you do end up feeling much better throughout the day eating this type of food compared to others.
I envision it as the base for a brothy soup. You have your celery onions a couple of carrots chicken salt herbs all that you required for grandmother's hand crafted chicken soup. At the point when my mom is cooking a stock pot of broth, you will discover me drinking a greater amount of that than water.
Bone broth has many benefits. In my community it is often used by people who have problems in the limbs.

I might opt take it with my OMAD. It is something I have never done before.

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