Best time to eat one meal per day?

Hi All, nice to be here. I have been doing IF I guess 8:16 for a while. but would not mind doing OMAD. My issue is that almost all the models i have seen always advocate eating later in the day. I get up at 3:30 am and arrive at work by 6:15-6:30. I had Gastric-re-flux for years and got into the habit of not eating at night past 6:00pm. so usually I eat a in the morning and something around 12:00-1:00. I am usually pretty hungry in the morning. So should I have my OMAD in the morning?
I found going from 16/8 to a 20/4 an easier transition for me ... This gives me flexibility so some days I can easily cope with one meal while other days I spread my meal over the four hours depending on what is going on in my life ... That is what I like about this lifestyle it can be customized to suit our needs and still be effective
I have my eating window between 2-4 pm and it is working good for me and my body. I think you should go with what works for your system.if eating in the morning will help you practise OMAD rightly then go ahead and have your eating window within the early period of the day.Better still experimentexperimenta first to find out which will be better for you and stick with it.I did experimented with mine before coming up with the aforementioned time.
I usually have my diet between 10-11am and that works the best for me. I used to skip my breakfast even before starting OMAD. I can also skip dinner and just drink water. What I can't skip is lunch meal. That's why I decided to use that timeframe as my schedule for my meal. If you're having such pain or disorders in your body, I suggest to slowly change your meal schedule. Choose a time wherein you and your body can both cope up with.
I don't see anything wrong with having your meal within the 12pm time range. See, the thing with Omad is not that you can't eat anything that you want, but ensure that you pick a time range that is suitable to you and remain consistent. I always have my meal by 1-2pm and I have achieved tremendous progress as well.
I always eat at 2PM and I find it helpful to keep that consistent schedule, for me personally because it helps me better with anticipation and with my hunger control since I know each day how long I'll have to deal with my hunger. I have found this time through a few months of experimentation and for a while when I first started I was trying as much as possible to reach 4pm so as to feel as little hunger and temptation during night time and slowly I realized that even eating earlier didn't really make it all that difficult for me during night time so I moved it up to 3pm then 2pm eventually. I found that my hunger during the daytime was a bit more difficult to deal with then the night time one so I figured an earlier mealtime would help me not to make this lifestyle not too unnecessarily difficult on myself.
10 - 11 am might be good for you. Like it is what we call brunch. We really need to eat heavy foods in the morning so that we are filled with energy as we start our day. And having late breakfast have a benefits of having lots of stock energy for the work ahead and a little bit of lunch eating window beacuse 11 am is to near at lunch time. Try it and figure it out if it oaky for you.
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