Best Teas to Lose Weight and Belly Fat

During my fasting time, I only drink water because I can't drink black coffee. Do you know any tea (natural tea or herbal tea) that can help me lose weight?
You can't go wrong with green tea that's what I drink almost daily and it has been if you can't take your black tea then try the green version and I hope you like it.
I have trouble with coffee also so I've mostly only stuck to drinking green tea since it's the easiest to buy where I live and also the taste is more pleasing to me because it's not as strong as other teas. I don't know how much extra help it does for losing weight though, and I'm not sure any other tea would be all that helpful either. I heard the best ingredient to supplement with your diet to help you lose more weight is apple cider but I wouldn't recommend ingesting that during fasting time since it is quite strong, but it does feel like it helps and is more palatable when I mix it in with my green tea with some honey during meal time.
Any natural tea will do in my opinion, but of course it all depends on your preference and taste. Green Tea is the most common and i also go for it every ,morning with a little bit of honey to taste.
You should try drinking Ginger and Turmeric Tea, you can buy them separately then mix them when boiling. But the best is to boil sliced fresh ginger and turmeric and let it boil for 2 minutes. It has a lot of medicinal benefits, it has anti cancer properties too and a good weight-loss supplement.
Just about any of the three major tea groups are going to be beneficial in helping you lose weight. Most people recommend drinking green tea, but if you prefer you can drink black tea or white tea as well. While green tea is touted as the one that is going to help you lose the most weight, the fact is that white tea actually has the highest concentration of beneficial compounds. Conversely, black tea has the least.

Those are the ones I’d stick to. I wouldn’t necessarily trust any other “slimming, herbal teas” as there is just about no science backing their claims for weight loss or enhanced metabolism.
Ginseng Tea can offer you both strenght, power and healing. It has strong antioxidant properties that maintains the bodies health and shield it from disease. It also cleans the body of unwanted fat and cholesterol.
I would say to go for green tea. Green tea has amazing benefits and also the least processed. It is my personal favorite.

Benefits of tea
1. Boost metabolism
2. Aids in weight loss. This will help in your goals to lose weight.
3. Boost immune system

I listed only three but there is still a lot. This three because I have proven this benefits myself. I have a problem with my metabolism and I had asthma before. But when I started tea in High School I started to get better.
For me it was either black or green, though green is known to be the healthy tea, but for me it was draining me quite fast. Making me feel lazy and less energetic.
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