Best Exercise Schedule Eating One Meal a Day (Omad)

Prior to the OMAD lifestyle, I would typically hit the gym early in the morning Monday-Friday. Now, I’m trying to determine the best time to exercise since I’m not eating until the evening (I don’t prefer evening workouts because the gym is extremely crowded). Please share what you are doing as it relates to incorporating exercise into the OMAD lifestyle and if/how you are timing it around your eating window. Thanks!
I do my gym workouts at 8 am I feel good and it sets me up for the day.My eating window is about 4-5 pm.
I have started a body pump class now which I do after my eating window shuts.Its usually on about 6 pm at night. Again I feel good after it.
I workout 6 days a week. I'm at the gym at 9am. I do weights 3 days cardio 2 days Pilates once a week and a 6k walk on Sat. I always train in a fasted state and I don't eat till around 7pm. I have tons of energy and don't feel hungry till about 5pm and black coffee usually helps till I eat
I wake up at 3:30am , in the gym by 430 I mostly stretch because I do ballet also , after the gym I am at the track by 6am to walk 3 to 5 miles .. My eating window is 12-4 . I go to bed at 7pm don't want to eat to late my food takes forever to digest ..
Hi there, I think you need to set a timetable for exercise and follow it strictly. There are also many exercises which you can do at home like running, crunches and stretching. My friend set a time to work out in the morning and according to him it is working.
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I don’t really do a legitimate workout because of my job and also of the injury to my calf. But what I do is the basic exercises of bending and stretching plus the use of the hand grip exerciser for my wrists and the small dumbbell. I do it in the early morning and I’d say it’s just fine. However, I am not in full OMAD yet because I still take my usual breakfast and lunch although I skip dinner. But when I go full OMAD maybe I will know if I can still do the morning exercise.
I only do light workouts and I have recently been doing them as soon as I wake up and I think it's the best time to do it if you're on OMAD, just based on my own experience and opinion. Of course everyone will tend to have a different feeling about this, but I just think that generally when you first wake up you still have a bit of energy and hunger hasn't caught up with you yet. By noon time I'm usually too hungry to think about doing anything else, and I used to do exercises after my meal too which was helpful but didn't feel as good to me as working out with an empty stomach where I feel much lighter.
Hello! It is nice to see fellow OMAD practitioner that is willing to exercise. I have been doing OMAD diet for almost a year now. I started last January and its been doing great for me. My exercise routine includes planking and yoga. It is suitable for me because it is not intensive but I can say that it works for my wellbeing. My schedule is easy! When I wake uo in the morning I drink 2 glasses of water to start my day. I do yoga or planking or sometimes if I have extra time I jog. Then I drink my morning fix. It defends on what I like to drink. I go to work and proceed with my day. It is during lunch where I take my only meal. Then proceed again with my day. Whenever I feel hungry which seldom happens, I just drink soy milk or tea or iced coffee.
I'm an early riser and I try to do my exercises in the morning and I think my body has adapted to this because I exercised 6 days a week and my exercise schedule starts from 6am.I love it this time because the weather is always very friendly and breezy then and it will be more enjoyable in such a state. I exercise for 3 hours 6-9am daily except would have to scheduled your time and exercise when you're comfortable and it really convenient. I believe exercise routine that is enjoyable and done out of passion brings the most impact.
I used to go to gym before, for 3 hrs 3 times a week. I'm also taking up a diet that time. I really noticed how I lose 3kgs in just 2 weeks. My body really got slim but my parents disagree since they don't want to see me losing weight instead I should gain weight instead. So I stopped going to gym, that's how I learned about OMAD. Then now, I incorporate walking exercise to my diet. It does not require me to give too much effort to exercise. But I still have good results, been doing since for a month and the results are still awesome.
I wake up at 3:30am , in the gym by 430 I mostly stretch because I do ballet also , after the gym I am at the track by 6am to walk 3 to 5 miles .. My eating window is 12-4 . I go to bed at 7pm don't want to eat to late my food takes forever to digest ..
For me I like to start with the road as it acts as my warm up. I ran like 2km but only twice a week. After that I can engage in the daily exercise routine from pushups, situps, bench presses and more.
Well, on a typical morning, I usually wake up at around 5:00 AM. I feed my cats, meditate, and then I get into my exercise routine. I always exercise on an empty stomach for around 40 minutes, and then head to the bathroom for a cold shower. Once I feel my body has fully settled down from the workout, I then prepare and eat breakfast. This works best for me while I’m on a keto diet due to the fact that my insulin doesn’t spike, so I don’t feel hungry throughout the day.

If I plan on having a carb heavy meal, I typically have it at the end of the day, so even if my insulin does spike, it doesn’t matter if I have that after-meal sluggishness.
I manage to workout at least 4 days in week between Monday to Saturday, I would choose the best day for me depending on my days schedule. Sunday's is a no go day for me when it comes to exercise. I have to wake up around 4:00 am in the morning to prepare for church and after that it's one program or another.
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