Back from a holiday and still on track!

Hi all, I posted on here when I started OMAD with a goal of losing 20kg (44 pounds) in 7 weeks leading up to our family holiday, I surpassed my goal by 1kg.
We went away for a week in Melbourne which is famous for good food & craft beer. I was hoping that all of the walking we were doing would offset some luxuries. Full days of walking around the Melbourne Zoo, Aquarium, Museum etc plus the many city blocks we walked taking in the sights worked out perfectly and I indulged without gaining any weight.
I started on OMAD again yesterday and will drop another 15kg (33 pounds) during the next 11 weeks term of school before the next holidays. I have a slight headache today as I did the first few days in the past. Other than that, I am feeling good and have slipped back into OMAD mode without any fuss.

Best wishes to everyone else, whether doing this for weight loss or general health reasons, it works!
Happy that your back on the wagon! I loved Melbourne when I went to visit a few years ago for family. Your right, the food is excellent there.


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That is excellent news, @Alexius ! I went with my daughter for a trip to Hawaii (I have never been there before, and was SO excited to go !) , and I was sure that we would be indulging with food, plus we would be eating on her schedule.
It actually worked out pretty well, and like you , I did a lot of walking, and had one main meal with my daughter in the evenings, so even though we treated ourselves most of the time, I didn’t gain any weight on the trip, which was what I hoped for.
On vacation is just not the time to try and deprive yourself, so I wanted to hit a compromise, and enjoy the good Hawaiian food, and sill not overindulge.

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