Apple Cider Vinegar on the omad diet

Truly, ACV has a loy of benefits that could help our diet. It helps us to lose weight as it flushes away the unecessary toxins from our body. My uncle has ACV and he's drinking it because it was prescribed to him that it could help him maintain lower blood cholesterol. It is indeed very helpful in may ways. I'll try to buy one later from the market.
ACV is really amazing, I've used it before. I drink one tbsp. a day. I mix it with one glass of warm water. I also used it as a natural toner. It is really good for the skin. It is also a very good cleaner at home.
Yes, I also did that too. I drink one tbsp in the morning and one for the evening before going to sleep. At first I feel uncomfortable since I am not used to it before but as I continually making it as a routine, I used to it already. It really gives also satisfying feeling after using it on my hair and the itchiness was gone and it flashes toxins from my body.
Even before I started OMAD, I have had a good experience with taking Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with honey to treat my hard cough. It's very efficient and effective for cough treatments.
Actually, prior to me getting on OMAD I already knew about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar, been adding it to almost any meal we ate in our family. Of course when doing OMAD I did add apple cider vinegar on my salads!

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