Apple Cider Vinegar on Omad?

I have been use this for almost a year ago since a friend recommend this to me . An Apple cider vinegar accelerates the body’s ability to break down and derive nutrients from fats and protein efficiently and quickly from the digestive system, which means a faster metabolism and more vitality. And It shows good effect to my body see it yourself to be truth.
I read that apple cider vinegar is a good way to loose weight ,what it does is that it makes you feel satisfied hence you consume less .Apple cider vinegar is considered a good cure for yeast infection ,if your prone to having yeast infection in the genital areas I would recommend apple cider vinegar .
I've been watching the effects of apple cider vinegar in YouTube and most of it is good effects and some videos are inspiring because in just a months they lose a large amount of fats. I found out that you need to partner the Apple cider vinegar with a balance diet and exercises every morning.
I would just try that in the future but now I need more feedbacks.
Yes, actually Apple Cider vinegar can help a lot in diet. I have read an article saying that Apple cider has a lot of good benifets in our body.
I can't see anything wrong with Apple Cider Vinegar being included in the diet. As long as you eat or drink these during the eating window during the day, I guess it will pass within the criteria of OMAD. What we have to be more cautious about is what we eat or drink after the OMAD eating window.
Yes it is okay! Apple cider provides a lot of benefits to our body. Plus it helps in cleansing our colon resulting in body fat loss.
You are right, apple cider is good for our body. My father once used it and it is very effective. He just stopped using it because it is a bit expensive.
Drinking apple cider vinegar is absolutely fine on an OMAD diet, and can actually help you in your efforts to lose weight. Apple cider vinegar is hyped up as much as it is due to the fact that is has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. It’s known to reduce fat storage, lowers your blood sugar levels, and helps improve heart health by improving levels of good cholesterol.

Mix a bit of vinegar with some water and honey, and you’ve got yourself and effective dietary aid.
Apple cider vinegar is good in our body. Study shows that drinking apple cider vinegar with warm water first thing in the morning will help your body fats loss. It is good to drink with organic honey.
Yes, apple cider vinegar could help you lose weight. My uncle used to take in apple cider vinegar for his health and I saw how he lose weight. It may not taste that good for me, but when it comes with honey and some sugar. It is also a great help for your health.
Apple cider may be good for the body especially when you are on a diet because it helps in the digestion. However, I cannot come to terms in drinking apple cider vinegar simply because it is sour. In fact, we use apple cider as insecticide to protect our home from cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. And even if apple cider vinegar can quickly burn the fats in my body, I don’t think I have the appetite to imbibe it regularly because it is like taking the bitter pill.
I have seen many people have great success with using apple cider vinegar daily. I tried it once, and I could barely get it down! The taste is horrendous to me! Not to mention, the acid levels are really bad for your tooth enamel, so I personally decided to skip using ACV.
Apple cider has a lot of benefits. It is said that it can suppress appetite which leads to less food intake. It is also good for the health. It helps in decreasing cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. ACV is also use as a toner. It's good for the skin. It definitely has its benefits but it also has disadvantages.

Too much intake of ACV has its disadvantages. People with gastroparesis condition should avoid ACV. It can also cause bone loss, low potassium levels and erosion of tooth enamel due to the acidity of ACV. ACV should be taken in moderation.
Two things I have been told about apple cider vinegar. I believe those things although I've never tried them myself and can't get my husband to try either. He really needs to! I have heard that ACV is good for people with acid reflux. My husband has reflux. He says the idea of using vinegar for reflux sounds ridiculous. Yet other people who suffer from reflux say it's a miracle! I have also heard that ACV is good for weight loss. I have no doubt that it is but … at the moment, I'm not really trying to lose weight. Should I decide to go on a diet I'm sure it will work!
Apple cider is really good for the health. I used this with honey and can do wonders for your body. It is actually a must-have product in the kitchen and as it has many uses including weight loss. For a time because of its popularity, the price shot up and was out of stock. It's good now it's already sold for a lower price.
I can see that apple cider vinegar is gaining more and more popular by time. Before, I was not an apple cider vinegar believer. I often ask how could a kind of vinegar be beneficial. I did a few research amd testimonials from my friends. I gave it a try and I was able to appreciate it. I helped me managemy acid reflux and high blood pressure. I also incorporate it in my weight management. I add a dash of honey to minimize its taste.
Apple cider is really effective for people that are on a diet. I always drink a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider thirty minutes before a meal. I always feel full every time I drink apple cider. It also helps me to ease my cravings. Now, my mother and sister are drinking apple cider.
I know a friend who tried to drink apple cider vinegar to lose weight and she did. She drank it early in the morning in an empty stomach and it did wonders on her by suppressing her appetite to eat. It absolutely helps on weight management.

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