Anyone use Sodastream while doing Omad?

I saw an ad for SodaStream yesterday on tv and it got me thinking. Is it safe to use while on omad? What it does is make flavor water carbonated. But idk if the flavor stuff has any bad ingredients. If it doesn't, should I give it a try?
SodaStream is totally safe to use. They sell all kinds of flavors. A lot of it is healthy fruit drops with zero sugars and zero calories. They do have stuff with artificial flavor though, so make sure to look at the nutrition facts if they have them.
I've owned a couple over the past few years, and I like it. The sparkling water isn't the greatest, but it tastes fine to me. They have a lot of good flavors too.
Never tried it, as I thought the flavor drops were full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I think I'm going to do some more research on it though, as what you's have said has kind of made me interested in trying it.
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