Anyone drink alcohol while doing Omad?

Just curious if anyone drinks alcoholic beverages while on omad? If so, how much do you drink? How many times per week? How often do you do it?
It's not recommended as it stops the fat burning process, but once or twice a week a couple of standard drinks shouldn't hurt.
Yeah, I think drinking alcohol outside your eating window would kinda defeat the purpose of everything lol.
The only thing drinking alcohol outside the window did to me was make me sick and completely sabatoge my omad diet. Learned my lesson over the weekend.
I totally agree with Lacey. I've been drinking beer normally on Saturdays both inside and outside of my window. I noticed a couple things: 1) I can hardly finish a 12 oz bottle so normally by the time I am half full, I don't finish it and 2) liquor makes me totally and utterly sick on the stomach. The only time I could stomach liquor was with a protein heavy dinner.
I'm not drinking alcohol while doing OMAD Diet because it makes me extremely hungry.In my opinion,alcohol burns the food being intake.Instead of drinking alcohol,I drink fruit and vegetable shakes without sugar.
Worst idea ever alcohol burns you from inside you need something heavy before you even think of trying Omad .If your doing Omad you love your body but you can't love your body while destroying it by taking alcohol on a empty stomach or little food that may harm your liver drastically and you can die from it and people will wonder wat happened ,so I would never recommend alcohol with Omad.
I don't think it advisable to drink it with OMAD I have read it online that it stop the weight loss progress, so I don't even try drinking it.
I don't drink alcohol while I am taking the OMAD diet, I avoid any drinks besides water and tea, this is all I have drunk for two months now.
Yes, I did. But of course just a limited amount of alcohol. I don't exceed moderate drinking. I'm just below moderate. I usually drink every sunday because it's my cheat day.
Wine would be good as long as its moderate and controlled. Some alcoholic drinks are beneficial with the right amount and dosage, specially grapes base wine and beverages.
I rarely drink alcohol even if I am not following a diet. I've been avoiding alcohol since I was in College because it is a waste of money for me. I only drink alcohol during special occasions and if friends or family will be the one who buys them. :D
Alcohol should generally be avoided when doing any diet because it can hinder your progress. For one thing, alcohol is loaded with empty calories. Even supposedly diet-friendly drinks like martinis have plenty of calories, simply because alcohol itself is a huge source of calories, let alone the mixers drinks come with.

Not to mention that alcohol is notorious for opening one's appetite, so after that drink you might be thinking to yourself, "Oh maybe just a little munch won't hurt." Next thing you know you're elbow deep in a bag of potato chips.

Okay maybe it's not that serious for everyone, but that's my personal experience.
Sometimes when I'm in my eating window, having a big meal, I'll drink a glass of my favorite white wine and it doesn't affect my diet a bit.
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