Any Active Community Members?

Me :) Only found this site today. Currently on day six. Had a few days on 12-6 and 2-6 beforehand, just to see if I could last out until 6pm. Combining it with Keto, too so hoping to lose about 2 stone at least.
How are you doing with it?
I just have my meals once everyday at 6pm. I limit my wheat intake too. I am east african so most of our foods are not processed and are very filling with less calories. I try to avoid second servings and take a lot of coffee during the day (something I need to work on.) I drink 2 litres of warm water everyday...I really don't like cold water. I try to do 10,000 steps walks but I am not so consistent. Finally just show yourself some grace. Don't be harsh to yourself on the days you are unable to do OMAD. I had lost 13.5 pounds but gained back 1 pound during this Christmas season.