68 year old bodybuilder with an open mind

Like I wrote in the title, I am a 68 years old bodybuilder and whilst I do not (at this time) practice the OMAD technique, I have an open mind about it.
For a bodybuilder, studies and research regarding a healthy diet seem to change almost on a daily basis. One study urges 6 or even 8 meals a day whilst another encourages intermittent fasting and still another sort of aligns with OMAD but preaches the rewards of predigested food such as a couple of protein / vitamin shakes during the day. In short, it’s a mess!

Now, do forgive me before hand. I’m not going to be as bad as an atheist on a religious forum but I WILL have questions for those who are experienced with this diet technique.
I study everything a clean and natural bodybuilder “should” in order to be healthier and at the same time build muscle mass and if I try OMAD, it’s because the research I do is clear and precise.

I was a dead man walking only 4 years ago but I made some massive changes and there is a possibility that OMAD might just be another one so do bear with me on yet another fork in the road regarding my journey.

Thank you all before hand and God Bless............


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Again, welcome to the forum, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have decided on this forum to learn more about intermittent fasting, and the health benefits that can come with it.
Probably, the most experienced and knowledgeable person here would be @Jimmy , since he started the website, and I am sure that he will have some good recommendations for you about improving both your health and your bodybuilding efforts.
Not a lot of people your age are focusing this much on their health as you are doing, and I am sure that your story will be an inspiration to the younger guys (and girls) on this forum !

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