64 year old man and wife starting omad

I will eliminate engorgment. Limit deserts to 1 or 2 times per week. Thanks for the tip.
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I think that you never people can get away with eating more foods than we older folks can, at least that is how it seems for me. I think that my metabolism has slowed down, and even though I exercise just about every day, I still do not burn fuel like I did when I was younger.
My heart is much slower now, and the heart meds are to keep is from going into tachycardia , so it is almost enforced into going slow.
I have been reading about how our setpoint works, and the book says that this is the reason that most diets will work for a short period, and then people gain the weight back when they stop the diet . According to the setpoint book, it is important to learn intuitive eating, and eat what our body wants, and stop when we are full.
Instead of just haphazardly choosing what I eat each day, I am going to try and see if I can be more aware of what my body is telling me that I need for nutrition.
Most likely, apple pie is not going to be one of the things I need......
How is it going? Would love to hear about your continued success. I haven’t been on this site for a while but used to love seeing your posts Mark 1.
It’s been 1 year and 9 months. my wife and I eat once a day for 1 hour. Overall, it’s the best thing we could have done. We have pretty much have plateaued in terms of weight loss. It’s our own fault. While we only eat once a day, we have desert way to often (almost every day) and at times, go for seconds is not unusual. Lol. Having said that, we have NOT gained any weight. Also, not 64 anymore. Lol
Hi, I would love to start the OMAD, I have gained more weight since February :(. I have struggled with my weight since my 20's. I have tried every diet I can think of :rolleyes:. I do well for the first week but feel unmotivated after that because I want to eat the same food as my husband. He can eat any food and not gain weight. I hate counting calories and knowing I can't eat something because I will go over my calorie budget o_O. I am going to start on Monday 22nd June, hopefully I can do this and stay positive :)
we Have been on all of the diets. Started many years ago, counting calories. All worked for awhile. Latest was low carbing. Lost weight, but even though I kept my carbs low, I gained my weight back. And I always used MyFitnessPal. On our 14th day on omad. Now I don’t get hungry at all. Things are looking good.
I was so glad to read that after 14 days, you weren’t hungry anymore. I started the 16/8 fast on June 5th and then moved to OMAD on June 22nd. For some reason between 12-3 I get FAMISHED and then it subsides. My eating window is 5 pm so that I can eat with my toddler son. I haven’t experienced a burst of energy yet that I’ve read that people have. Maybe that comes later? Either way, I’m down 10.4 lbs and I cheated twice during that. I’m definitely determined to get this weight off and I hope that reading these posts helps me to stay on track
Thanks Mark1 for you regular updates. I'm 60 and 7 days into OMAD. Hope you and your wife are keeping well. Did you dispose of all your large clothes?
im 66 years old now. Been eating omad for 2 years! We love eating once a day. Use to like eating breakfast, lunch etc. but I’m never hungry at that time, so I don’t have to fight that craving. I did throw the cloths away that were to big.
Hay Mark, Still here too. I feel like an old pro now. Lately my newish routine is basically one meal but broken up into two so I'm Tmad I guess. Around 8-pm I enjoy a well deserved meal, protein/veg. Then an hour or so later I eat something "Carbs" fruit/rice/desert.
Carbs put me to sleep, so I now save that for last. Early to bed early to rise is my newest challenge. Hope that tidbit helps others. Stay healthy all.
I was always told that digestion slows down as we age so it makes sense. I loved reading your updates. Thanks for sharing