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    what is your goal in your body

    Hey guys, What is your goal in your body?, What is your plan to get that and what methods will you use to achieve what you want to achieve and want to reach your goal.
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    Any tips and methods?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for tips and best methods to lose weight, to get a muscular body and to motivate myself and change my mindset. I'm helping my friend guys thanks for advance. Kindly list all the methods for you is the best to lose weight thanks.
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    how to gain weight instantly

    Hey guys I'm just helping a friend. Thank you for advance I'm 21 years old and I'm still skinny as a stick. It's not that I don't eat much because I eat almost all types of food. Meat, potatoes, fish, almonds and what not. But sadly, it hasn't given me any results. I don't go to the gym, but I...
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    Any tips to do while you are diet

    hey guys, Any tips to do while you are in a diet and what should i do and what should not do. Iv'e started my diet last week and the result is not much big, Because i only lost 4 kg. Thanks for advance
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    Would I benefit from doing omad once a week?

    Would I benefit from doing this once a week or do you need consecutive days?. What time do I need to do it.
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    Tips for hunger control

    hey guys can you help how to control my hunger, Because every time i always feel hunger even i ate already for few minutes ago. Kindly give the best guys i really really need it. Thank you.
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    motivate yourself

    Hey guys, what motivates you to make some breakthrough to your life. I motivate myself by changing my mindset and believing myself. What do you do to make yourself confident to make that breakthrough.
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    Anyone knows what foods do athletes eat

    Hey guys I need some information about what athletes eating to make their body fit and fast. Thank you
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    hey guys can you share your experience in yoga

    I tried yoga and it is great, I can lose fat with meditating it really helps me to focus and it changed my mindset. I thought I couldn't do it but I'm wrong, I am very wrong because there is no answer if you don't want to find it or there is no learned if there is no practice and learning. I...
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    Hello everyone I'm newbie here

    Hi guys, I'm glad that I've been here there's so many post/threads here that I can share my thoughts and I can learn. I'm looking up for you guys let's share our thoughts. I wish I could share all of my thoughts here and learn from you guys. I'm going to do my best here in my every replies and...