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    Working out on Omad and drinking a protein shake

    Are we allowed to drink protein shakes if we work out on omad?
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    Coffee with cream during fasting on OMAD.

    Have you tried black coffee over ice? It changes the flavor a little bit, you may be able to drink it without the cream like that.
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    Protein shakes and smoothies

    Nope afraid not,that would break your fast,sorry....I also combine OMAD with LCHF (low carb high fat) I don't eat pasta,rice,bread,,fruit apart from a few berries,potatoes,cereals,biscuits,cakes etc but I cook with coconut oil,lard,bacon fat,ghee ,olive oil...I eat full fat Greek yogurt,double...
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    Day 3 and making it thru

    What do u all eat on ur meal?
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    Best time to eat one meal per day?

    I found going from 16/8 to a 20/4 an easier transition for me ... This gives me flexibility so some days I can easily cope with one meal while other days I spread my meal over the four hours depending on what is going on in my life ... That is what I like about this lifestyle it can be...
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    Day 8 on Omad

    Day 8 of OMAD and I don't know why today seemed to be the hardest, still I soldiered thru. I pretty much got through it by imagining the nice clothes I'll be wearing, the great pics sans double chin I'll be taking and my knee pain clearing up. I also plotted what I would weigh each month if I...