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  1. Brenda

    Brenda's Maintenance Thread

    Name: Brenda Age: 49 Height: 5'2" Starting Weight.......194 on 9/06/2016 Goal Weight.............130 on 5/27/2017 Total Weight lost......64 Pounds Time it took to lose...37 Weeks How long in maintenance: 1 Year 3 Months Maintenance weight range: 120's Average weight recorded for Month of...
  2. Brenda

    "1 Drink" question

    Yes, you can have anything you want to drink or eat in your eating window:)
  3. Brenda

    4:3 vs. OMAD

    What is the 5:3 diet?
  4. Brenda

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to be here!

    Welcome Se'Quoya, I love OMAD too :)
  5. Brenda

    Down 7 pounds in first 6 days!!

    You're doing Awesome KUTGW :)
  6. Brenda

    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    It will be easier having a partner to do it with :)
  7. Brenda

    New to OMAD

    Awesome KUTGW :)
  8. Brenda

    sugar free gum ?

    I chew it all the time :)
  9. Brenda

    Longest You Have Cheated

    I wanted to get to my goal weight as soon as I could so I had my one day a week where I ate whatever I wanted but that was it.
  10. Brenda

    Smoking kills appetite

    When I used to smoke or drink alcohol I would lose my appetites. I'm not going to say I'll never drink again but Im not going start smoking again because its not healthy for me.
  11. Brenda

    Feeling off

    I will get like this if I don't eat enough or when I'm only having water for the day.
  12. Brenda

    Brenda's Maintenance Thread

    First post updated for the month of July :)
  13. Brenda

    What the current condition of your OMAD diet?

    I've been maintaining for a year and I now do OMAD as needed. I will eat moderately on my other days:)
  14. Brenda

    When not doing OMAD, what is your favorite snack?

    I will eat this for my OMAD :)
  15. Brenda

    Fast Food during OMAD

    When I was in losing mode I would eat fast food one day a week and now that I'm maintaining I eat fast food maybe twice a week, it all depends on if I'm out and about :)
  16. Brenda

    Brenda's Maintenance Thread

    Update on eating... I'm still doing OMAD as needed but I'm no longer doing low carb. If my weight starts to get too close to 130 I will eat a low calorie OMAD for 1 or 2 days.
  17. Brenda

    Omad Diet Maintenance Mode

    Also I'm not doing low carb anymore, just low calorie when needed :)
  18. Brenda

    Brenda's Maintenance Thread

    First post updated for the month of June :)
  19. Brenda

    Omad Diet Maintenance Mode

    Awesome!!! I also forgot to mention that depending on if my weight is too close to the high end of my maintenance range I will have a very low calorie OMAD day or 2 to bring my weight back down.