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  1. anyone01

    omad Keto cheat day?

    The main thing that makes me anxious about this keto eating regimen is if you're doing extremely well, at that point one day you choose to have a cheat day and eat a couple of cuts of burger, will it be extremely agonizing to process? Will a carb over-burden when you're not accustomed to it...
  2. anyone01

    Green Vegetable Juice.

    Does anybody have any involvement with taking green vegetable juice for wellbeing? From what I've perused, seen, done and observed most squeezing incorporates some segment of organic product to make it more tasteful, as found in the narrative fat, wiped out. Anyway I'm not especially keen on...
  3. anyone01

    Electrolyte Supplementation

    My sodium has been chronically low for more than years. I am sincerely struggling with night because of leg cramps that wake me up at late night. How can I make sure I am getting sufficient electrolyte supplementation every day? What is a simple and safe way to do this.
  4. anyone01

    Do you prefer the treadmill or walking outside?

    I read a very interesting article recently that discovered that the single best way to run was barefoot, outside, on natural terrain. It's how our body is designed to work. There's a crew of runners that do marathons around the perimeter of some smaller islands in Hawaii that run the whole of it...
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    The fluidity bar and the firm

    Does anyone own the Fluidity Exercise Bar and and The Firm Sculpting Systems? And if you do own them do you use both types of workouts in your rotation? If so, please tell me what type of rotation you do. Listed below is a an example of a rotation I do: Monday: 30 mins of cardio & beginner...
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    What's the difference between vegans and vegeterians?

    Well, there are different kinds of vegetarians. I'll put it simply. Most vegetarians don't eat meat. Some will just avoid eating red meat, but still consume fish and chicken, and some don't eat any kind of meats all together. Vegetarians will still eat things such as eggs and dairy products...
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    What are the health benefits of taking garlic and ginger?

    Ginger and garlic are like our house doctors, nature given healers. Indian cooking uses it everyday day-in and day-out especially to treat cold, cough, sore throat and indigestion naturally. Ginger and garlic are know to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with toxin release from our...
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    Why is water important to your diet?

    Drink Water to Lose Weight First of all, water has no calories, is fat-free and cholesterol-free, and is low in sodium. Second, it is an appetite suppressant. Third, water helps the body to metabolize stored fat. How? Well, when the kidneys do not have enough water, they cannot function...
  9. anyone01

    Is weight genetic?

    I think parents and children can be of similar weight and size because the children follow the lifestyle of their parents. So basically if your parents eat really healthily, their kids will be given healthy food too. I don't think it's genetic. But maybe it is?
  10. anyone01

    What do you do to stay healthy?

    Answers to staying Healthy mostly lie in the most simple ways of living. Follow a nutrition that suits you and works best for you. Recognize your symptoms and work towards them. Make small changes but sustainable changes. Eating the right foods at the right timings is essential. Mixing foods...
  11. anyone01

    Which is better, dining out, or cooking at home?

    Eating outside and cooking at home both present equally important benefits depending on the situation. For instance, eating outside would be better if you are too tired to prepare and cook food but you still want to have a decent meal. You can also have the pleasure of eating the food you want...
  12. anyone01

    Have you ever tried some detox drinks to lose weight?

    I am a firm believer in Apple Cider Vinegar and took it by adding two tablespoons to warm water to detox on the advice of a friend who said it had worked for her, The truth is I'm not sure if it did although I did lose a few pounds. I was also being careful with watching what I ate at the time...
  13. anyone01

    The disadvantages of sleeping immediately after food.

    Going to bed immediately after food will increase the level of acid in the stomach since digestion hasn't been allowed. The acid in the stomach will trigger heart burns in the chest especially. This acid in the stomach will move up towards the throat and might cause some burning sensation. Also...
  14. anyone01

    Have you ever tried some detox drinks to lose weight?

    Have you ever tried some detox drinks while doing OMAD to lose weight? I would like to try some of them for me soon, maybe you can recommend me some recipes.