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  1. Martinsx

    Drinking lemon water in OMAD

    When you are OMAD, there are so many benefits that comes with drinking lemon water on an empty stomach. They are as follows ; Lemon water relives inflammation. It prevents cold. It boosts metabolism. It helps with athletic muscles recovery. It is a natural diuretic. It improves skin...
  2. Martinsx

    Drinking water to stop headaches when on OMAD

    When I started OMAD, I had my challenges and one of them was constant headaches when I'm still in my fasting window but I discovered that when I take lots of water, within few minutes, the headaches stops immediately. Do you have such experience?
  3. Martinsx

    What are the side effects of intermittent fasting (If)

    There are always the positive and negative sides in anything we do. Just like a coin has two side - Head and tail, so does intermittent fasting. Some of the side effects I can recall ever facing while doing intermittent fasting are; Headaches. Hunger. Frequent urinating. Experiencing low...
  4. Martinsx

    Does too much caffeine consumption affect OMAD negatively?

    People make use of either water, tea or coffee as their most common liquid intake while on OMAD. I would like to know if too much caffeine intake from drinking coffee alone have any negative effects on OMAD?
  5. Martinsx

    Anyone know about Ginseng Tea

    A good friend of mine just got back from Korea few weeks ago and among the supplements he brought with when coming back was a Ginseng Tea. I have never taken Ginseng tea before but I have taken black tea. I would like to know if anyone has taken this Ginseng Tea before to tell me about it...
  6. Martinsx

    Where do you normally focus your workouts drill?

    Everybody has a particular purpose for going to gym and working out. Some prefer to work on their tommy, some pretty working on their bum, others abs, biceps, calf and thigh, while some would prefer to work on all parts of their body generally. Personally, I'm more focused on working on just...
  7. Martinsx

    Hello People

    I'm Martins and it's such a wonderful thing to be here. I'm looking forward to getting some good tips on getting my weight cut back at less 20kg. Currently I'm weighing 85kg which I think is too much for someone of my age at 33 years old. I hope to learn a lot from you guys.