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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    Sounds like a good idea
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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    im 66 years old now. Been eating omad for 2 years! We love eating once a day. Use to like eating breakfast, lunch etc. but I’m never hungry at that time, so I don’t have to fight that craving. I did throw the cloths away that were to big.
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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    It’s been 1 year and 9 months. my wife and I eat once a day for 1 hour. Overall, it’s the best thing we could have done. We have pretty much have plateaued in terms of weight loss. It’s our own fault. While we only eat once a day, we have desert way to often (almost every day) and at times...
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    Supplements for anxiety, but safe for OMAD?

    I second the magnesium. Magnesium also has shown to improve sleep patterns. Don’t take too much, it can cause intestinal consequences.
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    Eating on a budget, any suggestions?

    Eggs are inexpensive too and good for you. Omads made for a budget. You don’t spend any money the meals your eliminating.
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    Should you do omad for life or do it temporarily?

    I’m 65 now, I have been on omad for a year and a half. I will be on omad for the rest of my life. on Holidays, I may add a meal to be social. It’s not something I need, and I have found that when I do that I don’t eat much at the second meal, or I skip it all together. I miss breakfast at...
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    Super low carb...... the carnivore diet.

    Keep us updated
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    Is OMAD working for you so far?

    I’ve been eating omad for 1 and 1/2 Years. Works, about all I can say. It’s not easy at first. Does get better. I have times I get hungry early, but you have to realize that most of us can’t handle 3 meals a day w/o getting fat.
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    Medicine while on omad?

    I’m a pharmacist. I work in a hospital in our area. I would never recommend forgoing taking any medication for any reason. Especially If your on heart medication, or blood pressure meds, diabetic meds, or seizure meds including Parkinson’s meds. But if your on NSAID meds( ibuprofen, naproxen...
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    People who think you are starving yourself on omad

    I have been eating omad for over 1 year. I don’t look at it as a diet. I have more energy, and find myself more productive. I’m almost never hungry, when I am, I think it’s really thirsty. People say it’s unhealthy. I think what they do is unhealthy. All of our ancestors ate omad if they were...
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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    She lost ~20lbs in a year. We over ate most days. Lol. Only for 1 hour/24hours. She wants to loose 10-15. And so do I. All’s good.
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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    I will eliminate engorgment. Limit deserts to 1 or 2 times per week. Thanks for the tip.
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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    So, I wanted to update you. Yesterday was my 1 year on omad! I experimented in a way. I only ate once a day for all but 2 days in a year. During that hour, I ate until I was stuffed and I had dessert virtually every day. I lost 25 lbs in that year. I never weighed myself for the entire year...
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    How important is it?

    I’ve been doing omad for 1 year. I’ve always had flex time 4+ before or after. I think if you want this to be your normal way to eat, than you need flex time. I believe autophogy starts ~ 18 hours.
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    I'm A 207 lb, 14 Year Old Male, What Should My Macros Be/How Do I Get Them In?

    I’m rooting for you fourreelfish. Your so cool to be that young and have figured it out. Truly I mean that.
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    64 year old man and wife starting omad

    It’s day 330! I’m 65 now. In one more month, it’ll have been a year. It’s awesome. While I eat one meal a day, I eat whatever is on the menu that day. Keep it simple. I think that’s My theme . Keep it simple, and allow time to improve the way you look and feel. I read all the new people ask...
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    I'm A 207 lb, 14 Year Old Male, What Should My Macros Be/How Do I Get Them In?

    I say keep it simple. Do as Jimmy has suggested. One hour, One meal, one plate of food, one drink. You’ll go back to school looking good. It’ll change your life and how you look at food. Just don’t over complicate this
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    Thank you. I plan on it.
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    Jimmy, you’ve motivated me! This is day 316! Soon to be 65 this month.
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    Should I try Omad Cold Turkey? Or work into it?

    I’m someone who just jumps right into most challenges, so I went into OMAD cold turkey. Does that mean it’s the best way to do it? Well, it depends. Drastically changing your eating schedule can potentially have a negative impact on your body—nothing dangerous, just inconvenient—so it might...