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    I failed again

    Part of winning the weight loss battle, is our mindset. If you didnt make your bed, for a week, you wouldnt go into a mental downslide about it..but we view weight struggle as the holy grail..ive been doing omad for almost a year, and the discipline of it has been helping me look at alk the...
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    Eating on a budget, any suggestions?

    Well..I raised 7 kids and was ALWAYS on a slim budget. Rule # 1..List what is already in fridge/freezer and cupboards #2...Make a simple menu w existing foods #3..Cook from scratch as much as you can..its cheaper #4..Allow 4 to 8$ each week toward stocking cupboards ex: rice, potatoes...
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    Too much food

    Hi im new to the forumBeen doing omad for almost a year..eating too much has been such a lifelong habit (im 64), that going omad was, first, just a lark. I rarely ate bkfst or lunch, in a routine way..I figured omad was a cinch. In a way it has been..what it really is doing, is shining a light...