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    Is Feeling Sleepy After My Omad Meal Normal?

    I think it is normal, I read the comments and most of them experienced it and I myself too. It is normal but please don't let your body sleep after you eat your meal because it is dangerous. It will slow your digestion and will make you fat because you didn't move long enough while digesting...
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    What Has Been Your Greatest Challenge In OMAD?

    The greatest challenge for me is limiting myself to eat one meal a day. I am a foodie person before and I love to eat different types of food on a different type of day. Right now, it has been the greatest challenge, to not be tempted by those foods around me.
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    Should Children Be Introduced To Omad?

    No, children still need a lot of nutrients to compare to us adults. Besides, children is still not discipline about what they are eating because they are curious. Let's not limit the taste buds of the child, we just can't release those fats while adulting. If you are worried about your child...
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    How do you deal with holidays on the omad diet?

    I do eat when it is holidays because this will be the only time to eat more celebratory foods and you get to socialize with your relatives and friends using food. You can release those fats later just don't eat too much in your capacity.
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    Is There An End To Losing Weight?

    I think when that time comes what will happen is maintaining your healthy lifestyle. When we come to the point that we already set a routine for ourselves to be responsible for what we do and what we eat, this will surely what happens.
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    Which is better, dining out, or cooking at home?

    I suggest you to cook and eat at your home because it is cheap and healthier. It is healthier because you are the one who knows the ingredients you use and know how to cook it.
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    Have you tried water fasting?

    I haven't tried it and thinking about it makes me sad about the foods that I can't eat. However, I drink a lot of water every day. I haven't drink any other beverages other than water because it really gives me the benefits. It has no sugar and it's good for the body so it's win-win.
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    Is It Advisable To Eat Almost To Bedtime?

    For me, it is not advisable to eat almost to bedtime. Our body will not have time to digest because you will be asleep; remember that digesting for foods is minimum of 2-4 hours. And also, another tip is don't eat 4 hours before your bedtime. You will just add to your weight if you will do this...
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    Tips for hunger control

    I think the problem is the food that you are eating, there are foods that will just keep you full for a short time. Try eating foods that are high in carbohydrates, it will keep you to be full for a long time. Also, there's a trick that before 30 minutes of eating, you should drink a cup of...
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    what is your goal in your body

    My goal is to lose weight, I am overweight right now and I wanted to change my lifestyle. I don't want to wait for another year or another time to make a change because that just would make me lazy. I exercise everyday, every night, I do some basic exercises and do them 30 times. I cut most of...
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    Benefits of Eating one Meal a day

    I watched a YouTube video about this one meal a day diet and I got curious. Before I thought that this is odd and will give you a lot of cons but I read some articles about it and I changed my mind. Losing weight is one of the literal benefits. You can also acquire Discipline as it will require...