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  1. Jenn211

    Would you ever do the biggest loser to lose weight?

    The biggest loser is back on TV, and it got me thinking. Would anyone here ever try out for the show? I'm pretty big right now, but I don't know if I would ever go on that show. I've heard horror stories about how the people on the show get injured and have problems later on in life because of...
  2. Jenn211

    Would it be bad to have my one meal at breakfast?

    I know I wouldn't be able to handle eating my daily meal in the morning. I have to wait until the afternoon or later in the day to eat. It's a lot easier to not eat earlier in the day then it is later for me. I think it's best to eat in the afternoon, maybe 2 or 3pm. Or later, maybe 5pm or...
  3. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    I lost another 4 pounds since, so I made up for my fault recently. My current weight is now at 262. I'm slowly getting there.
  4. Jenn211

    Working out while injured

    I haven't really been injured before. I hurt my hand once, and sprained my ankle a couple times, but it's never been to the point where I couldn't workout. But then again, I rarely worked out back then.
  5. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    Thank you! :) I'm excited to lose more. I haven't had as much luck this time around, only losing 1 pound. But I think it's because I had extra meals this week. I'm going to get back on it this week.
  6. Jenn211

    I failed again

    It's okay to fail, we all do. I'm still getting used to this myself and have stumbled a bit. I have anxiety as well, and I know where you're coming from. What I try to do, is remind myself where I am and how far I have come. Take a break if you need to. Take a vacation, get out of the house, go...
  7. Jenn211

    How do you pass the time until your meal?

    I've been having a hard time with the long waits until my meal. How do you guys deal with that? How do you pass the time until your meal? I work, but I get cravings right when I get home. I don't eat for around 4 hours until after I get home, so it's tough to get through at times. Any suggestions?
  8. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    Thanks! I weighed myself today and I'm now 267, down another 3. I'm so happy. :D
  9. Jenn211

    Music you like to listen to when working out?

    What kind of music do you like to listen when working out? I'm still new to a lot of this, but I can't workout unless I have music playing or maybe a movie or TV show. Mostly music though. I love listening to rap/hip hop, as well as dance music, synth wave etc. Anything that helps me get in...
  10. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    I weigh 270 now. Lost another 2 pounds. I'm liking this. :)
  11. Jenn211

    Drink a lot of water or just when you are thirsty?

    I don't keep track of my water intake, so I would say I drink when I need to. I do drink a lot of water though, just don't keep track of it.
  12. Jenn211

    Do you prefer working out alone?

    When working out, do you like to do it alone? Or, do you prefer to have some friends or family along? I personally hate being watched or seen working out. I had a bad experience when I went to a gym years ago. A guy made some weird looks at me and before I left he made a comment about my weight...
  13. Jenn211

    Easy or tough workouts, which do you prefer?

    Well, I like easy workouts, but I really need to start pushing myself to work out more. I think tougher workouts would benefit me more. But I hear that easy workouts will still help me lose weight considering I'm at a high weight already. I'll still lose some weight either route I take, or so I...
  14. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    Thank you guys! I have an update. Since starting I have actually lost 2 pounds, how idk, but wow do I feel good about it. I started working out again too, and I think that helped a lot. Anyway, I now weigh 272lbs.
  15. Jenn211

    OMAD Recipes for Christmas

    Just started omad and Christmas is in a few days. Does anyone here have some good recipes for a Christmas meal? It'll only be for me of course and will be for my one meal. Any suggestions?
  16. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    Thanks guys! I'm happy to be here. I hope I can keep up with omad and with working out. I hate working out lol.
  17. Jenn211

    Fitness people who inspire you

    This is going to be a funny one, but I used to love Richard SImmons workout videos. My mom used to watch them when I was a kid and I would sometimes do the workouts. Everytime I thought of getting fit again, I am reminded of those old dusty vhs tapes I had. But yeah, it's weird, but he kind of...
  18. Jenn211

    Ugh, my progress so far

    Well I am new to this, just learned about omad from my best friend. She has been doing omad for a while now, maybe a couple months and she swears by it. She suggested I look into it and give it a try, so I am finally jumping head first. Monday was my first day on omad. At the start, I weighed...
  19. Jenn211

    How many supplements/vitamins, etc do you take?

    I don't take any at the moment. I'm new to the world of dieting, so this is going to be overall weird for me. I did use to take omega 3 fish oil, but stopped as it gave me bad breath. It might have been from a bad brand for all I know.