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  1. Tyler182

    Doing a week fast with just one meal

    I am thinking about doing a week long fast after I eat one meal. I was wondering if I should do this or not? I have never fasted before, but hear people do weeks or more sometimes. I want to eat just one big meal I think this Sunday, and then Mon-Sat fast. What do you think?
  2. Tyler182

    Best foods for OMAD while having gout

    My father has gout and has been doing omad along with me recently. I was wondering if there are certain foods he can eat that is still safe for OMAD, but can also help with keeping gout flare ups down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Tyler182

    Niacin without flushing

    I just started taking Niacin 500MG tablets, but I get the dreaded flushing nearly every time I take it. I found out that they make flushing-free niacin, and was wondering what is the better of the two? Is it safe to take either or? I just don't want to deal with the niacin flush. It bugs me so...
  4. Tyler182

    Suggestions on Niacin brands

    Hey guys, noobie here. I am thinking of trying out niacin to help with my dieting. Is it good for promoting weight loss? I want to start taking more supplements that are helpful in weight loss and help with other health related issues. Any suggestions for brands? Or are most niacin producers...