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  1. Panpiper

    The error in a constant low calorie diet.

    This does not touch directly on the subject of OMAD or Keto. One can easily be OMAD or Keto without trying to reduce calories. Indeed many are on OMAD and/or Keto precisely so as to avoid restricting calories. However, some of us have elected to also restrict calories while being OMAD and/or...
  2. Panpiper

    Question regarding multiple day total fasts and supplements.

    I am right now on hour 53 of what will be at least a three day fast. Thanks to being keto and doing OMAD for a good while now, I am experiencing absolutely zero hunger. All is well. However, I am a neophyte to extended fasts and am wondering as to what is generally accepted norms. I have been...
  3. Panpiper

    One of the hidden downsides of OMAD/Keto they don't tell you about.

    It is frequently quite warm in my home. When without company, I will usually walk around in just shorts. My shorts are very comfortable, without needing a belt. They stay in place simply by gently hugging my belly. Now with Keto and OMAD, I am constantly pulling my shorts up! Worse, if I'm not...
  4. Panpiper

    Rectifying the OMAD eating window with keto coffee consumption.

    Since I started properly intermittent fasting with OMAD, I've been drinking nothing but unsweetened tea. I have however been most unsatisfied with the tea and yearn for coffee, especially morning coffee. Moreover I am well aware that coffee has numerous correlations with very impressive health...
  5. Panpiper

    Reporting the effect of 1 1/2 months on 'non'-Keto OMAD, and breaking it.

    I've long been a one main meal a day person, but I've grazed on snacks and drunk sweetened coffee and the like the rest of the day, so I was never getting the actual benefit of the 23/1 intermittent fasting. A few months ago I cut out the snacks and a month and a half ago I cut out the coffee...
  6. Panpiper

    I think this just might stick (the eating habit, not the thread)

    For most of my adult life, I have eaten only one meal a day, but I have supplemented it with snacks, sweetened coffee with creamer, etc., which of course is not fasting at all. Over the last few months I've been changing my lifestyle for that habit to become actual intermittent fasting. First I...