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  1. nekonieden

    Keep Going Even If You Fail At First

    I think all of us came to this point where in we failed once or twice or more but what's more important here is that we shouldn't stop and let's continue working our daily routine. The OMAD helps a lot of people here so if they can do that, you will also be able to do that. It may be hard at...
  2. nekonieden

    Some Days I Wake Up Starving

    I also experienced that but I guess it's just normal for us to feel that way as I can also relate to your discussion or topic here. I also dreamed of my mother cooking some food for us and there are a lot of fruits in my dreams only to find out that I am just hungry when I woke up. I think as...
  3. nekonieden

    What Do You Distract Yourself With While Waiting For Your Meal Time?

    Sometimes its hard to wait for your meals most especially if it take you so long to wait and you are very hungry. What I do if that happen, I just browse internet and playing games or reading some books from my phone while drinking a lot of water. Sometimes I just drink water and eat 1 cracker...
  4. nekonieden

    Apple Cider Vinegar on the omad diet

    Yes, I also did that too. I drink one tbsp in the morning and one for the evening before going to sleep. At first I feel uncomfortable since I am not used to it before but as I continually making it as a routine, I used to it already. It really gives also satisfying feeling after using it on my...
  5. nekonieden

    Walking is a good workout

    Yes. They said that walking is good exercise especially if you walk in an inclined places. It strengthen your body and make you improve your balance and mood. If you walk uphill, it helps you to tone your legs, stomach and butt through natural movement of your muscle which is more convenient as...
  6. nekonieden

    What Plant based Dish do you eat Daily?

    Sinigang has a leafy ingredients called kangkong or water spinach in english. It has also radish and egg plants and sometimes you can put okra. This really craves me a lot as it has vegetables that I really like such as eggplant. It has pork, although pork has a lot of calories but eating...
  7. nekonieden

    Home gym or go to the gym?

    I agree with you. Doing work outs at home is fine as long as you really strive hard to lose weight. All the things you mentioned were right. You don't have to pay for membership which can be a waste of money especially if you stop and back again to being obese. I already tried going to gym...
  8. nekonieden

    How to motivate yourself on the omad diet?

    You should have determination to reach your goal and that should be your motivation. You can also motivate your self by thinking your frustrations in life especially if you have weight problems.
  9. nekonieden

    Drinking Ginger for weight loss

    Well ginger has a lot of benefits but I am not sure if it helps you lose weight but since you said it, I believe it can lose weight. Drinking ginger is best feeling for me especially if its filled with hot water. My mother use ginger everyday so it's minimal for her to get sick especially sore...
  10. nekonieden

    Swimming is best exercise

    I think it's true as I know someone who lose weight because of swimming. She recommended me to go swimming lessons as it easily burns out the calories and fats in our body as she said. Water makes us use our force to move our whole body since water has a dense so its kind of heavy or we tend to...
  11. nekonieden

    Fried, Boiled, Grilled or Steamed Foods which one works best in OMAD?

    I think its more recommended to eat steamed or boiled as you don't have to put oil on the food. A lot of them says that oily food is bad in our health but I think it depends on what kind of oil you use on the food as there are oils that are healthy like olive oil. We may want to consider those...
  12. nekonieden

    Fresh Coconut Juice and Omad

    Base from what I have read before, coconut water is healthy but it also contain calories especially if you add a flavor like milk and sugar. It has been said that if your are trying to lose weight, coconut water is not suitable drink or it's not good as an alternative drink to water. If your...
  13. nekonieden

    Which is better, dining out, or cooking at home?

    Well for me I think it's better to eat inside home or cooking at home so that you will be able to guide your self and how you will manage to balance your diet. Sometimes eating outside makes you more crave as there are a lot of food stalls and good restaurants outside that may temp you to eat...
  14. nekonieden

    Should You Tell Others About The Omad Diet?

    The benefit of having a companion, it encourage both of you to work more with those routine. Aside from that, there will be someone to look how much effort you still have to put or work more, so they also serve as basis and guide.
  15. nekonieden

    What to Drink on the Omad Diet

    I haven't thought that coconut would be that high calories. I thought it has only small so I used to drink a lot of it. Sometimes we put milk and biscuits since its a popular drink in the province. Well great article tho. At least I knew what drinks to avoid. I like the broth, it's tasty and it...
  16. nekonieden

    Choosing a healthy oil for your diet.

    I think it's also important to choose the right oil as there such oils that can cause heart burn or that can be bad for your health. That's why fried foods is not recommended as it contains a lot of oils so its better to just not eat or just eat steamed. My mother used to buy olive oil as its...
  17. nekonieden

    Tips for hunger control

    Before I am struggling about hunger. There are temptation everywhere so it's kind of difficult for me to control. Now, what I do, I'll make sure to eat breakfast but late breakfast like 10 am or 11 so its in between breakfast and lunch. In the after noon I just take more a lot of water and...
  18. nekonieden

    Have you tried water fasting?

    I have not heard of water fasting but I think people who seriously take their diet are doing this. As you drink a lot of water you will be fuller so you can't eat lots of food because your more into water intake and water is safe as what you have said. It doesn't have any preservatives or...
  19. nekonieden

    Should i include a strategic snack on omad?

    I think its alright to have a snack as long as its healthy and can't affect so much calories to break your daily routine diet. You can search some healthy tips about preparing a good and healthy snack for you. What I really love is avocado as it doesn't makes me crave and I feel like I am full...
  20. nekonieden

    Is weight genetic?

    Yes I think. I know someone who are overweight I mean their family members are all obese except from the mother. I think sometimes its from the attitude . For example both parents are too lazy to do exercise so there's a tendency that the offspring will have that attitude also. They will not be...