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  1. Jackie

    New Member

    Welcome @Jeannaomi! I used to drink a lot of diet soda. It was very hard for me to give up. But it had a lot to do with the caffeine. Now, I just drink tea and water instead. But, it was very difficult to break the habit when I first started omad. As far as omad and emotions, I do feel like...
  2. Jackie

    Getting ripped on OMAD

    Really good advice. A lot of people do not stay the course and end up with results that they are not happy with.
  3. Jackie

    Introduction and Chronicle of my Progress

    @sabrath any updates? How have you been doing?
  4. Jackie

    When Is The Best Time To Eat One Meal A Day?

    Good article! Thanks Jimmy.
  5. Jackie

    Stopped loosing weight

    Hi @Tathagat! How are you doing your omad routine? What protocol are you following? Are you following the 4 ones rule?
  6. Jackie

    Miso Soup- Instead of Tea & Coffee outwith Meal time

    Hi @colmack77 welcome to the forums! If you are doing this at mealtime, this is ok. If the miso soup has sugar, drinking it outside your eating window may have an effect on your weight loss. However, it seems very minimal and you might be ok with this if its moderate consumption.
  7. Jackie

    Gone mad for Omad

    Congrats on your weight loss! Its feels good doesn't it? I need to work on my cholesterol as well. It's been too high for too long.
  8. Jackie

    Dry fasting & Omad

    40 Hours is still impressive! I've actually thought about dry fasting with omad in the past, but I could never do it. I can imagine it is very tough as you mentioned on the body. But, it does seem like that you have gotten some great results from it.
  9. Jackie

    apps that track just one meal a day?

    I used this app for awhile as well. I found it to be very useful. I don't use an app anymore though. I've been doing my routine for so long that I always know my usual eating time.
  10. Jackie

    Introduction and Chronicle of my Progress

    This holiday weekend has been a derailment for me as well. Too many friends and family around to keep my schedule. But, you are right. Can't let an occasional blip in the plan get us off track. Back to better things starting tomorrow.
  11. Jackie

    How important is it?

    I think you will always get the best results if you are as consistent as you can be. I've noticed when I have long stretches of being inconsistent with my meal times, I tend to put on weight. I would try to stay as close as possible to your eating window as you can.
  12. Jackie

    Flavoured water

    I would check the labels on them for sugar or other artificial flavors. Some I think are ok, but you really have to look at the label for sugars, etc.
  13. Jackie

    Day 5 still alive, kind of

    @Dani Reese someone awhile back pointed me to this article This is something called HIIT. I've been doing this for the past month and I feel great. It took a few weeks of following this routine every other day to start to feel...
  14. Jackie

    One meal one day at a time

    Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your journal with us. Reading these logs has really helped me out as well. It is really inspiring to read everyone's stories and it has given me so many great ideas for my one meal:)
  15. Jackie

    Awesome group

    I totally agree. I have found some great supportive people here.
  16. Jackie

    New to OMAD

    Welcome @Little Purple Duck! 1. I believe omad is more effective if you do it daily. That is the way I have always done it to lose all my weight. I also believe that is what most people do. As far as omad making you lose more weight, I believe that is something you will have to see how...
  17. Jackie

    Introduction and Chronicle of my Progress

    Welcome to the forums @sabrath! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I used to be addicted to energy drinks myself as I know as well how addicting they can be. Especially for people who work the night shift. Do you like tea? I have found tea to be a good drink for me instead of coffee at...
  18. Jackie

    Should you take all supplements during your one meal?

    Can you spread it out during the hour? probiotics should ideally be after the meal as it needs foods to work effectively. I take my marine collagen just as I open my fast, multivitamins while eating, probiotics and others straight after food, chlorella 2 hours after food (as this detoxes the...
  19. Jackie

    How many calories should I be eating on Omad?

    I don’t encourage or discourage counting calories. It’s a personal choice. I count calories and carbs, just to see how many I’m consuming.
  20. Jackie

    Carb Cycling on Omad? Does anyone do this?

    What exactly is it ? I prefer a personal answer vs google