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    Do you do the Omad Diet with no restriction?

    Hi. I was just wondering if everyone does the omad diet with no food restrictions?
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    Fiddler's Progress

    It's the best feeling ever.
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    First weekend

    I made the mistake of telling too many people when I started and I wished that I didn't.
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    Day 1- Here I Go!

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    Omad maintenance - How to do Omad Maintenance?

    I would find a middle ground where it seemed you didn't lose as much or very little and go from there. I wish I had the problem of losing too much lol.
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    Can you chew gum with omad?

    People also want to break their psychological attachment to sweet things. By chewing gum, I think you would be holding on these types of things.
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    Hunger Pains with Omad

    Lots of water. Use caffeine to prolong a fast and get pass the hunger pains. It takes time for your body to adjust. The harder it is, the bigger the victory, which will give you more motivation. The results will be addicting. Keep going!
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    Constipation with eating one meal a day

    Sugar free gummy bears work great, we get them at walgreens....just a few do the trick.
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    Fitness Pal Omad Partners

    Count me in. Sent you a PM.
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    Interactive Calculator

    Love the calculator.
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    Gummy Vitamins on Omad..thinking about switching

    I've always taken gummy vitamins as my daily supplement on omad, but I'm thinking about switching to something else. Does anyone have a really good vitamin they recommend?
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    OMAD Diet Complete Guide

    Purchased the guide last week and loved it. Jimmy, do you plan on coming out with a 2nd book? :)