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  1. Swomad

    Do's and Dont's of Eating one Meal a Day

    Daytime is rather easy, it´s to get out of the house and find interesting things to do. Evenings are harder my solution is to not have snack things available – that I have to decide when I am shopping so I have a note to shop from and if I get an impulse to buy something else, the rule is that I...
  2. Swomad

    Having OMAD Diet without affecting health

    I don´t think I would continue with OMAD if I had any neagtive effects on my health. But so far it has worked excellent for me, I have been living with OMAD more or less since january. "More or less" I write because it is not yet "perfect", there are days when I alip and snack on something...
  3. Swomad

    Drinking only water with your fast

    coffee, tea and water, no calories... some days without coffee and since I only drink one cup in the morning i don´t get any withdrawal symphtoms. And as I have been fasting for more days in a row before I know that day one I am hungry, day two I am grumpy, tired and get a headache, day three I...
  4. Swomad

    Question for Jimmy

    This has probably been told already but I can´t find it - did you continue with OMAD after reaching your goal weight? My idea is that this is for life but maybe this is impossible because it will not be a healthy meal when you need to eat more calories and still get nutritinous food?
  5. Swomad

    Weekly Goals..Anyone?

    This week my goal is to keep an OMAD diary, so far I have been winging it and I realise that I can´t remember that much of success or falire, need to structure what I am doing to learn what works best.
  6. Swomad

    Best time of the day to eat one meal?

    Great article Jimmy! I am retired, but also self empolyed and working from home ... not so good, I totally agree with the opinion that it gets easier if you get out of your home ... I usually have my meal at three in the afternoon, it keeps me happy all afternoon although I do have problems with...
  7. Swomad

    Doctor prescribed Medication..What should I do?

    To me, broth is "food" so I would take it with a cup of broth.
  8. Swomad

    Anyone do Green smoothies on omad?

    I will have green smoothies in my OMAD meal, mostly because daughter makes one to take with her as snack during school day and there are mostly a leftover which I hate to see wasted so I save it and complete with for exmple spinach to start my OMAD meal.
  9. Swomad

    What are your reasons for Omad? Besides weight loss.

    I´ve been dieting my whole life and got more obese every time. It has taken me ages to start using my own knowledge and experience to decide what might work. During 1990-ies (I´m swedish, excuse any language weirdiness) the norm was to eat five or six times a day - three meals and two or three...
  10. Swomad

    Joining this forum

    I thought I had constructed a method for me to eat that could handle my compulsive overeating, then somebody told me that there was an "official" diet called OMAD, I googled it and found this site and I am looking forward to read about different experiences you all made. I started to have the...