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  1. Jamie Middleton


    This is such a great story Jimmy! I'm so happy that you started this community! It has really helped me.
  2. Jamie Middleton

    my omad log

    Scrolling through all of your food is making me hungry lol. I love what your doing though.
  3. Jamie Middleton

    New to OMAD

    welcome @Little Purple Duck! I think Jackie covered a lot of those questions pretty well. You should look to do omad everyday to really get the best results and benefits. I eat my meal in the late afternoon because of my work schedule as well. Sometimes I work overtime though and it ends up...
  4. Jamie Middleton

    Introduction and Chronicle of my Progress

    Welcome @sabrath! Looking forward to reading your journal. You are right about the negativity in the fasting world. So many people with negative views, opinions, and always wanting to give their 2 cents. Some people argue just to argue about something related to fasting. I find it refreshing...
  5. Jamie Middleton

    Should you take all supplements during your one meal?

    I take very similar pills, and 1 lemon, grated ginger and oil of beauty. I take it with my OMAD meal at Dinner time.
  6. Jamie Middleton

    Carb Cycling on Omad? Does anyone do this?

    There are different variations of carb cycling but I'd almost consider just taking a break from with moderate carbs if that's your intention. Sometimes a break can be good.
  7. Jamie Middleton

    Carb Cycling on Omad? Does anyone do this?

    I do! I love carb cycling, it's a sustainable way for me to eat what I want and still lose weight. I work out 5-6 days a week, HIIT and strength training. HIIT on my low carb days and strength training on my high carb days. I'm actually focused on maintaining now as I've more or less reached my...
  8. Jamie Middleton

    HalfGEEK's Progress Log

    Happy Birthday to your son! Also, give it time for the results to start happening. You can do this! I love walking as well as it is very relaxing and peaceful. I try to walk at least a few times a week around my neighborhood.
  9. Jamie Middleton

    When is enough........ Really enough?

    ^^^^ What Jimmy said is right on. Ignore anyone that doesn't support you in changing your ways. You will find the real people that support you are ALWAYS with you no matter what.
  10. Jamie Middleton

    OMAD Newbie

    We are happy to have you @HalfGEEK! Congrats on your progress! You are correct in eventually hitting struggling times. I went through my first 5 days and was thinking "this isn't too bad". But, then everything hit me at once. I really really struggled and eventually fell off the wagon. I had...
  11. Jamie Middleton

    New Here

    Hi @Sandrabutton and welcome! The 4 hour eating window is for consistency. Chances are, because of your everyday schedule, you won't eat at the exact hour everyday. By having a 4 hour window, you keep your eating time around the same time. I believe this helps you maximize intermittent fasting.
  12. Jamie Middleton

    I'm A 207 lb, 14 Year Old Male, What Should My Macros Be/How Do I Get Them In?

    Welcome! This website has a ton of info that you can help answer a lot of your questions! I'm curious though, it seems you have been getting some different information from a lot of different sources. Like Jimmy said, keep it all simple. There are so many people out there that say this and...
  13. Jamie Middleton

    When is enough........ Really enough?

    Welcome to the forums @Bodymakeover2008! I went through a hard divorce as well and I gained over 80 pounds afterward. I was depressed for a very long time and did nothing but eat. I was thankful when I discovered this website as well as it gave me a whole new perspective on weight loss. I've...
  14. Jamie Middleton

    Drinking more water with eating one meal a day Omad

    Flavored water (crystal light) has been a lifesaver for me. I do drink mostly water, but sometimes I need something different and having some crystal light helps satisfy me until my next meal.
  15. Jamie Middleton

    Brenda's Maintenance Thread

    This is so inspiring! You go girl!
  16. Jamie Middleton

    Meal ideas on omad

    I love some enchiladas. Just had some yesterday....might have some again today:)
  17. Jamie Middleton

    Can you chew gum with omad?

    I was wondering if you can chew gum while eating one meal a day out of your fasting window? I'm curious because this is a habit that I'm used to and wanted to get some opinions.
  18. Jamie Middleton

    I'm a type 2 diabetic, using OMAD and LCHF to lower my blood glucose

    do you take metformin once or twice a day? With or w/o food?
  19. Jamie Middleton

    I'm a type 2 diabetic, using OMAD and LCHF to lower my blood glucose

    Are you still talking meds? Have your blood sugar levels come down?
  20. Jamie Middleton

    Should I be worried?

    So embrace it until you get to goal weight. Why fight it?