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  1. Charlotte Jacobs

    Should you take all supplements during your one meal?

    Probably be the best solution figure out which supplements must be taken with food for maximum absorption and which can be taken on an empty stomach.
  2. Charlotte Jacobs

    How many calories should I be eating on Omad?

    If you have stopped losing weight with OMAD, you should see how many calories you are consuming. If that number is higher than the calories your body burns you cannot lose weight. Most people who only eat one meal a day will naturally have a calorie deficit, unless they are eating a lot of...
  3. Charlotte Jacobs

    Carb Cycling on Omad? Does anyone do this?

    Got down to 8 - 10lb from goal weight doing OMAD no restrictions. Changed it by lowering carbs and bingo it started coming off
  4. Charlotte Jacobs

    Started OMAD and loving it

    Hi @trex5008! Happy to hear that omad is working for you! Keep it up!
  5. Charlotte Jacobs

    OMAD Newbie

    Welcome @HalfGEEK! Happy you are here. You can do whatever you set your mind too. I look forward to hearing your updates!
  6. Charlotte Jacobs

    How much weight have you guys lost?

    Thanks for this input. Omad is the best diet I have ever done. I tried Paleo and whole 30 as well and they never worked out for me.
  7. Charlotte Jacobs

    Black Coffee and Omad

    Can we drink stevia?
  8. Charlotte Jacobs

    Drinking more water with eating one meal a day Omad

    you can get a gallon of water and throw a green tea bag in it, or any other kind of 0 calorie tea, it will flavor the water
  9. Charlotte Jacobs

    Day 8 on Omad

    stay strong! You will have hard days...drink water. Eat sugar-free gum but know this, you're NOT going to die or even faint. In fact, there'll be days when you don't even realize that you skipped breakfast and lunch...Making this a habit is only a few weeks away.
  10. Charlotte Jacobs

    Stevia and Omad

    I add stevia to my coffee during my fasting window. Does that take my body out of fasting state?
  11. Charlotte Jacobs

    How much weight have you guys lost?

    hey everyone! Just curious how much weight you have lost in a 7 week time span following strict OMAD?