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  1. Amy Lyons

    Should you take all supplements during your one meal?

    I have to assume that you're compromising on absorption when ingesting everything within 1 hr plus adding your one meal which is loaded the nutrients as well...
  2. Amy Lyons

    Carb Cycling on Omad? Does anyone do this?

    I haven’t plateaued yet so I’m still doing OMAD with no restrictions. However, I know it’s bound to happen so I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve: extending the fast to 48 hrs occasionally, cleaning up what I eat (reducing carbs), adding resistance to my workouts (I currently do 20 min cardio...
  3. Amy Lyons

    Brenda's Maintenance Thread

  4. Amy Lyons


    Very inspiring! I have thought about doing low carb myself! What kinds of foods are you eating?
  5. Amy Lyons

    I made the News!

    Congrats! You deserve it!
  6. Amy Lyons

    Need all the helpful ideas I can get...

    Happy that you are here Annie! My best advice is to keep your house clear of any temptations. I found that if it's not there, it's not tempting to eat.
  7. Amy Lyons

    Hi - Starting Today!

    Best advice I can give you is never stop because this is so easy!
  8. Amy Lyons

    Can you chew gum with omad?

    No unfortunately, anything that tastes sweet will send a signal for insulin to start work of storing rather than burning fat. There is an increased evidence that this is the case.
  9. Amy Lyons

    Hunger Pains with Omad

    I eat 2-6 or so... I drink a lot of tea and not gonna lie- it gets bad but those hunger pains aren’t permanent! They go away...hang in there
  10. Amy Lyons

    Omad and keto diet

    Same here. I alternate day fast and on my feeding days I still stay within a 4-5 hour window. Keto keeps me so energized and satiated
  11. Amy Lyons

    Doctors visit

    Sarah, how long have you been doing this?
  12. Amy Lyons

    Lifestyle change

    Anyone here doing omad not to lose weight but just to change their lifestyle? I'm slowly getting used to eat differently since August. I'm on a good road, thinking I can handle 20:4 on a daily basis in the end of the year and later slowly change to omad. I'm doing it slow, since I'm lifting...