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Started omad on 1-2-19. Fell off wagon but back on only eating omad. Currently, double chin is getting less. Pants are getting loose. Goal to be 85 lbs less
Hi guys! I am looking forward on interacting with you. I am planning to start again my OMAD diet. Thank you in advance for the tips and lists of you OMAD diet!
Need to lose 100 pounds willing to put in the time and do the work for my health. Looking to get some advice from others that are on the same journey as myself!
Go the the home page,
Click on Community Tab
The it will read “One meal a day diet forums”
“Click” on one of the forums you want, and if you then scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a blue tab on the right bottom that’s reads, “Post New Thread” Click on that and it will open up.
Hi Kat, I was wondering how you were doing on your omad diet?
Hi Cindy, I am doing good so far. First week was easy for me. I found the second week to be more challenging. I had to realize I had more time and that I was getting things done fast at work. I started making a list of things to do with my free time so that I would not obsess being on OMAD. How are you doing?