Why Am On OMAD But Not Keeping Track Of My Progress

Am on OMAD. It is enjoyable and I like it. I keep to my window of between 2 and 3 p.m. My 23 hours fast is amazing. I do not feel any hunger pangs anymore because I have done it for almost a year.

This is why I do not keep track and record of my progress.
  • I take it as a lifestyle. I want to enjoy it forever. There are some good things that I feel, like vitality, light feeling and many others.
  • I avoid obsession by not always measuring my weight and such things. This is unique but I never joined OMAD to lose weight. I wanted the other benefits like ridding the body of toxins, avoiding high blood pressure and diabetes. I also wanted to try to keep cancer at bay. I do OMAD for a lifestyle.
I did track my progress, but then I realized that weight loss determines whether my day will be good or bad. If I lost 1 pound it is good day and if nothing changed or if I gained a pound my day would be pretty lame... In last couple of weeks I am not in the weight loss mode and now I am afraid to step on the scale.
That's a great idea of yours. Each one of us has their own ways of doing OMAD. I used to keep a record of my progress but lately, I tend to get lost of my track because of my busy schedule. I agreed that making OMAD as a lifestyle is good for the body so that we won't have focus on the numbers but rather focus on the healthy effects of it to our body.
I agree with you on not keeping track of my progress. It’s day 197! About the only thing I do keep track of. Lol. I like eating a nice full meal for my omad. It’s dinner. I was so unhappy giving up food categories and seeing no results. Came across omad, pretty much by accident. Love it. Omad is easy ( after the first week) and you save money every month also.