Vegan Keto

A lot of people think vegans cannot do keto but I'm here to tell you, we can! I've been following vegan keto (low carbs/high fat) for over a year & before that it was traditional vegan (high carbs/low fat). Two times a week I do traditional to keep the carb craving in check & keep my body guessing as to what I'm doing. I eat an avocado & olives everyday, lots of low carb vegetables, nuts & seeds & low carb fruits (but only 2 times a week.) On my high carb days I eat rice, quinoa and beans. Since going vegan over 2 years ago I've learned that meat takes a lot longer to digest than a plant based diet. I'm not preaching, I promise, I just like to let people know how being a vegan has changed my life for the better, no constipation which I experienced on a meat keto diet, clearer skin and my hair is growing super fast. I welcome any questions about vegan keto! If not, I fully understand. I know one vegan person in my personal life! I know we are few and far between! Namaste.


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It sounds like you what an actual vegan should be, at least in my opinion, @VeganLeslie . I have known some vegans that didn’t really eat healthy foods, they just didn’t eat animal products.
One of my closest friends read Dr. Gregor’s Book (How Not To Die), and decided that she and her husband would be vegans. However, neither one of them would eat vegetables, and only a small salad now and again. They loved desserts, so she learned to make vegan meals and desserts, and they had lots of meals like beans and cornbread, plus dessert.
When she grumbled that they didn’t feel any better, I suggested that they eat more vegetables; but she said they didn’t like anything except maybe some corn or peas with the meal.

I am not a vegan, or even an actual vegetarian, but I do eat probably 80% plant-based foods, and plenty of salads and greens every day. I really think that we were designed to eat a plant-based diet, and I am looking forward to hearing more about your vegan keto OMAD !
Yes, there are a lot of vegan processed foods & vegan comfort foods out there. It kind of defeats the purpose of switching to veganism for your health! I've read How Not To Die and watched the documentary What the Health & those two really got me motivated into veganism. It's has made such a huge difference in my health and even appearance. Dairy was causing me to get cystic acne which makes regular acne look like nothing! Thanks for being here to support myself & others!