Training Philosophy

Hi guys, what are your beliefs regarding when and how to train, as well as timing the training in regard to your eating? I have limited experience with training in combination with fasting, however I am quite fit because i kept myself strong before OMAD. I believe in the principle of Slow and Steady winning the race, so I train a little bit but all the time. I find this has multiple benefits: A, you are rarely feeling overworked B, you gain strength at a steady sustainable pace without putting on excessive mass(which i hope to avoid as a martial artist, as i need agility more than size) C, as my workouts are primarily skill based, doing less more often is scientifically proven to increase skill level faster. Anyways drop some comments on how and why you guys workout, i'm curious.
I studied Kenpo for a number of years and even though I have been a body builder for the last 4 years, I think I know what direction you're going.
Building mass is a tricky thing because it's pretty much 90% genetics, that is, unless a person is tilting the scales by using illegitimate substances to increase synthesis and metabolic rates.
Judging from the pic, I really do not think you have a whole lot to worry about regarding mass because you already look like you lean more toward that of a Kenyan runner rather than someone shooting for hypertrophy. Believe me, that's no slam. Kenyan runners are fast, heavy on endurance and extremely agile but that's what they are genetically built to do. That said, they still have to practice and work to make the genetics applicable.

As for myself, I'm nearly 70 and wish to compete in the amateur seniors bodybuilding competition in my state and win it. Why? Because most research says that a man my age can only maintain muscle but not build it. Wrong! I'm living proof that the research is incorrect but a person has to be willing to go the distance to get whatever it is that they wish to have no matter what the age.
There is no such thing as overnight champions and let's face it; if it was easy, everyone would be doing it but it's hard work and it takes a lot of dedication and very few people have what it takes even if the genetics were perfect.

Even the OMAD diet takes some dedication but when a person wants to improve the way they feel and look, they simply have to knuckle down and do it. Nothing is easy at first especially if we've been trained our whole lives to live a certain way but what if that "certain way" isn't really all that great? People need to learn to break the mold and go about their lives being terrific instead of just okay. I hate being average. I like being wayyyy above average so, I work at it.
Martial Arts takes practice and dedication, gaining muscle mass and body sculpting takes the same but to be sure, even going through daily life doing whatever demands a good diet and some proper exercise to look as good as we do, right?
Thanks Bobby Cole for your in depth reply. You make total sense, and yes in my experience regardless of how i eat and train, i am apt to get stronger but not bigger. As i said thats what i want anyway, although there was a time when i simply wanted to be muscular. Goals change of course based on what becomes more important for you, in my case being agile and strong without all the mass, in your case crafting the kind of physique that make most men envious. Both take dedication and hard work, although to be entirely honest i think you have the harder journey. Keep up your good work! I'm going to keep at mine and become as strong as possible, and with that point you made in mind, i think i may simply forget about how my training/diet effects my mass and simply focus on getting the nutrition i need while maintaining a good body composition.
Good show @ OMADMartialArtist!
All over this forum and even in daily life I find people who make the statement that for whatever reason they have that “you can’t”.
What they are really saying is an excuse for “I can’t or I am not willing to”.

To me, nutrition is like gassing up a car. If you own a muscle car but refuse to put into it what it needs to run at top performance then you get what you give. Nothing. Even those who put the right fuel in but do not run the car based on what it is built for is also going to find more break downs and less power. Fuel and work go hand in hand.
Every human being is already outfitted to be the figurative muscle car (or truck) in one way or the other.
We all have the potential for something greater than what we first believe but when we start living up to what we are built for, then we can achieve some pretty lofty heights.

No matter what someone’s genetic makeup is, our muscles are made to work and work in unison with our brains. We command, they do but they can’t if we do not use the right fuel and train them accordingly.

To me, you’re a good example of “I can” and “I will” rather than someone who has no real vision and drive in mind and wonders why they fail.....