Top 15 Ways To Manage Your Omad Diet During The Holidays

Quite funny and provocative title, but the article is just on spot. Maintaining a diet on a Holiday can be an issue, especially because everyone are trying to put food in your mouth. Best points for me from the article are: to sleep well, stay active, and consume many vegetables. The 3rd one is probably the most important one.
I am worrying about the upcoming holidays this year because I expect there will be a lot of feasts around. Thank you for such article that could help me to maintain my diet. I will definitely drink more water and sleep earlier than my regular routine. Also, I try to add some more distance for my walking exercise. On that way, eventhough I'll be eating more than I usually consume, I can still get back to my weight as before.
This is a very timely article since the Christmas Holiday is almost here. This has taught me a lot. The problem at Christmas is there will be a lot family and friends gathering together and cooking delicious foods. You are definitely right regarding this article. I didn't know that meditation can help. I will do this. Thanks!
Seriously, managing one's diet plan during the holidays season is a very big problem. This is a very good reason why after the holidays season especially Christmas most people mess up their diet and eat out of proportion and gain lots of weight.

The tips discussed in the article would be very helpful in getting one's diet under control this upcoming Christmas holiday.
I don't think I could honestly be out there managing the diet plan as I like to eat and drink what ever I want for holidays.
Will try though my best to followup a little bit.


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Well, we made it through the holidays for this year. Mine was a combination of enjoying the special holiday foods, as well as still trying to at least be doing intermittent fasting on days that I had more than one meal.
I was happily surprised that even on the days like Christmas Dinner, when I allowed myself to just enjoy whatever food I wanted, I still only ate one plate of food, and was satisfied with much less than I normally would have eaten at this kind of dinner.
I believe that since I have been getting used to knowing when I am satisfied, that I am listening to my body better now, and I am putting less food on my plate to start with.

Now that the holidays are over, and I am looking forward to spring, it is back to being serious about what food I eat, and getting in those fasting hours every day on schedule again.