Thirsty after meals

Hi all,
My name is Iris. I started OMAD about 3 weeks ago. My meals are healthy, low carb (not keto though), mostly homemade. It’s going well. The only thing that bothers me is that I get extremely thirsty couple of hours after meals. I’m not diabetic but my father had type 2 diabetes and my blood glucose is usually at the higher end of the normal range.
Is there any chance this thirst is normal? I would really like to continue OMADing)



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One of the things about intermittent fasting, is that it helps to curb insulin spikes; so it should be stabilizing for your blood sugar. Maybe something that you are eating is causing the extra thirst, or even the weather ?
Do you live where it is hot or dry climate right now ?

Also, welcome to the OMAD forum, @Iris , and we are happy to have you joining us here ! There is a lot of good information on the main website (Home at the top of the page) and there is also a facebook group, which you can access by scrolling down the main page until you see the icons for social media.
Thank you, @Happyflowerlady, for your warm welcome.
The thirst comes 2-3 hours after a meal, I drink a lot of water and then it goes away after couple of hours. My guess is it's either insulin elevated because of the protein or just the digestion process itself needs more liquid. So I decided to go a bit closer to keto diet and replace the calories coming from protein with calories from fat.