The importance of chlorophyll in our diet.


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Chlorophyll in plants is very similar to the hemoglobin in our blood, with one of the main differences being that chlorophyll has a magnesium molecule and hemoglobin has iron.
However, getting enough foods with chlorophyll is one of the most important things in our daily diet, and especially when we are practicing OMAD and only eating one meal each day; so we have to be sure to get plenty of greens in with our meal.

I usually have a salad as a big part of my OMAD meal, and I add a mixture of greens, veggies and protein foods. If it is so cold that I only want hot food, then instead of salad, I will have a vegetable soup made with spinach and kale greens, plus other veggies.
One good way to get your greens if you do not like eating them, is to make a green smoothie, which can have additional nutrition from fresh fruits and also yogurt or kefir for the probiotic benefits.

Here is my salad for today, it has romaine and kale greens, plus carrot, purple onion, kidney beans, peas, and fresh fenugreek sprouts that I made myself.

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I think that greens are mine of the most overlooked foods, and also one of the most important ones, @caroveg . Greens have always been pretty much looked down on, more like a poverty food, than as an important (and vital) part of our nutrition.
Greens have a lot of vitamins, lots of minerals, and also are one of the best protein sources that a person can eat.
When we eat livestock, like cattle, they have gotten their protein to build muscle from eating grass and other greens, and when we eat the meat protein, then our body has to take it apart to the basic building blocks and remake it into something that our body can use; but if we eat the greens, our body can process and use it directly.
The problem is that we do not chew the greens enough to break down the cell structure, so this is where putting some of the tougher greens in a smoothie green drink will help a lot, because it puts it in a lot easier form for our body to use and digest.