Restarting OMAD

Hello. I am glad to be back to OMAD having gained 20# in the last few months of last year. This is day 3 for me and so far have lost 9#. I know that it is water weight, but is still weight that needs to come off. All of the salt and sugar that I consumed during the holidays have really done a number on me. I usually eat my meal around 3 or 4 p.m. so I won't be hungry when I go to bed. I try to eat a balanced meal of protein, veggies, fruit, carbs and fats. I am pretty much eating what I want but counting calories.
Since I am only 5'1" and "old" I really have to watch my calories. I am exercising, too; and walking for at least 30 minutes a day.
If I want a special treat, I have it; but make sure it is in my calorie limit.
I cook most of my meals, but do keep some quick to fix items just in case I am busy and don't have time to prepare my meals. This really helps me stay on plan.
I am looking forward to doing this now and getting ready for my Spring clothes. I plan on posting here often to keep me on track and see how others are doing.


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Welcome back, @sue227 ! That is one of the nice things about this eating plan, it is just something that we can pick up or put down as needed. I ate more over the holidays, too, even though I was probably more careful than usual, and didn’t feel the need to overeat.
But my daughter brought over some treats and chocolates, so we have been sparingly nibbling a couple of those chocolates every day. I have mine as a dessert for my OMAD meal, and am back to eating greens, veggies, and salads again.

Since it is January and a new start, I have been thinking about spring, too, and that thought really helps me to do better during my fasting times.

There is also a facebook group that goes with this website, in case I didn’t mention it before. Just go to the main website page, and scroll down and you will see the facebook link on the right hand side of the page.
Thank you for the nice welcome. I am glad to be back on plan. I don't know why I let the pounds creep back on, but I did. I have lost 9# since Tuesday morning. I know it is water weight, but has to be gotten rid of, so I am happy about that.

I have been doing a lot of cooking today. I have over 40 of Joanna Lund's cookbooks and was using some of her recipes today. I made Hearty Chilli which I put over steamed rice. Also made cornmeal dill muffins and sugar free cherry pizza with homemade pie filling. The chilli contained veggies, meat and beans so had lots of protein. I always have dessert - sometimes yogurt and fruit if I don't have anything else prepared.

Planning is the key for me. Hopefully, I will be ready for Spring.


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That is awesome, Sue, and it sounds like you have everything under control, and are doing really well back on OMAD again. My metabolism seems to run so slow, partly from the heart medications I have to take, and I sometimes think that I could gain weight just looking at a cookbook.
I try to stay on low-carb foods, with lots of greens and salads, and it is still really hard to lose weight for me. But, there is nothing out there that works better than OMAD does, so this is a way of life for me.
Sounds like you have everything under control, Happyflowerlady. I know what you mean about gaining - you are so right that it is easy to gain. I have "dieted" all of my life. I reached my goal a year ago, and just let the pounds creep back on. I tell myself that every time I lose, I will never do that again BUT here I am again. Seems like I have to eat my carbs or I just don't feel well. So, today my menu totaled up to around 1000 calories:

Cheeseburger with bun, onion, sandwich spread
Salad and cucumbers with a little dressing
Cherry Dessert Pizza
Flax seed and chia seed probiotic

I really enjoy the freedom of not have to eat more than once a day. I would rather eat a good sized meal once a day instead of several small ones. Guess that is just me.

I am going out to walk today with my two little dogs since it is so nice here in the Midwest.


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I like that, and even before I discovered OMAD, I was pretty much doing intermittent fasting, combined with Keto, so I didn’t have a lot of hunger pangs, and then made a slow transition into OMAD.
Some days, OMAD just doesn’t work with my schedule for one reason or another, and then I just have a light salad or protein drink or protein bar along with the one main meal.

Our fitness center has been working on their pool, so I have not been swimming except once earlier this week, but we did go in, and i walked on the treadmill . I like swimming much better, plus it seems to give me a better workout, and I am looking forward to getting back to swimming next week when the pool re-opens.
Good morning to everyone. Hope your day is going well. I am so happy that I came back to OMAD. I am down 1.8# this morning making a total of 12 pounds since Tuesday morning. I can now tell that my clothes are fitting better. It is so nice to be rid of that water retention from all of the salt and sugar I consumed. I know that salt and sugar are my enemies.

Today's menu is pretty much leftovers, but am really looking forward to it:
homemade chilli with beef and beans
3 tostados
2 T sour cream
salad with 2 T dressing
2 oz cheese
homemade sf cherry pizza
2 T flaxseed
1 T chia with probiotics


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Flaxseed and chia are also foods that we use a lot. I add some if I am having hot cereal, or even in yogurt. When we do have a dessert treat, I make it with plenty of alond flour, psyllium, and fresh ground flax and chia seeds, so that we get a lot of extra fiber and the vitamins from the seeds.
How do you usually use your flax and chia seeds, @sue227 ?
I use flaxseed and chia a lot, too. Today I put both of those on my cherry dessert. Also, I like to sprinkle them on smoothies and yogurt and fruit. I just prefer to have them for a topping rather than mix them in; but, that is just me. I love to use the almond flour and coconut flour in baked goods. I like the golden flax, too, I like the fact that all of these things are loaded with vitamins and fiber.

We got out again today and walked our little dogs. Really nice here in the Midwest. Know that it will be turning colder the last of next week, but sure do enjoy it now.


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It has been beautiful here the last few days, too, almost spring-like and daytime temperatures in the 60’s; but now it is back in the 40’s again and going to stay cold for the next couple of weeks.
I enjoy it when I can go out and walk, too; but when it is so cold and wind and rain, then I stay inside most of the time. At least I can still go to the fitness center and swim, and that is a good exercise.
I am going to get a little Poodle today, and hoping that once he gets used to me, I will also be able to take him out for a walk on nice days.
My little Yorkie-poo was very old, blind and deaf, and we had to put him to sleep last summer, and I have really missed having a dog; so I am looking forward to getting the Poodle.
Do you grind your flaxseed and chia, or just add the whole seeds ?
Glad you are having good weather. It is a nice day here with sunshine but the wind is a little chilly. I am going to take my little dogs out later and wear a heavy coat and hood. The dogs just love it. We are supposed to get a little colder weather by the end of the week and maybe a little snow. We have had a wonderful January so far.
Sorry to hear about your little dog. We went through that several times. The last being two years ago. We never thought we would get another dog, but I sure did miss her; so we found another one similar to the one we had (pomchi). But, in order to get her, we had to take another dog that she was bonded with. Didn't intend to have two, but he is so sweet, too.
I had a little poodle several years ago. We got her when she was 6 weeks old and she lived to be 12 years. How old is yours that you are getting?
I would love to be near a fitness center, but we don't have one close to us. Since this is a rural area, there are lots places to walk and we do have a treadmill and elliptical, but, I would rather be outside.
I buy my flaxseed already ground and I just like the chia the way it is. I sometimes get some very good bargains on the flax around here. I know some grind it in a coffee mill, which I have but have not done that.
I made another dessert today - sugar free blueberry cobbler. Ate a piece of that for my meal today and it was good.


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I am really happy with the new little Poodle, still deciding onjust the right name for him. The people I got him from had clipped him really short (right down to his skin....brrr), plus he is skinny; but he loves being here and I am loving that I have a little companion dog again.
I have a coat and harness that fits him, so once I am sure that he is okay on a leash, and the nice weather comes back (cold and rain here again), then I am going to start taking him for walks.
He is about 3 years old, so a good age, not a puppy, and not old either.

We have usually lived in the country, and I prefer that; but now we are in town, and I like that we have the conveniences like the fitness center.
Most days , we go to the fitness center for about an hour, and I swim and (of course) enjoy the hot tub. When the weather warms up, I am usually outside a lot more, and working in the yard and garden.
For my meal, I usually have a large salad, with lots of greens and veggies in it, and I like either some garbanzo beans or the red kidney beans. I am leaning more towards being a vegetarian all of the time, but I still enjoy some meat several times a week.
Good morning to all. It is a very very cold morning here in the Midwest. We have around 10-12 inches of snow on the ground and are supposed to get more soon along with extremely cold temps - high in the teens and low below 0 F. Needless to say I will be not walking outside.
Hope everyone that is in warm temperatures are enjoying. We have had a pretty nice January until now.

Happyflowerlady, sounds like your little dog will be great. When we got our little dogs, they were past the puppy stage, too. They are now 2-1/2. They are so much fun.

Today's menu:


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Here I have been muttering and grumbling about the cold, and compared to where you ate at, @sue227 , we are almost a tropical paradise. It was in the low 30’s this morning, but up close to 50 now, and thankfully, we hardly ever get snow.
I have not been eating as much salad lately because it has been so cold, and I just wanted something that was hot; so I am trying to get a salad in every day regardless. Those greens are so healthy, and do such a good job of filling me up, too.
Usually, I add veggies (peas and beans) besides the normal romaine, spinach and tomato. And the hot chicken broth is wonderful in this cold weather, too.