intense work out and omad

I used to do intense workout at gym 3 or 4 times a week, mostly strength resistance and heavy weight lifting stuffs.
but since I started OMAD recently, I was still continue work out the same.
The weight loss is my goal so I am wondering do I stop work out?
Some people say during OMAD/weight-loss, do not do the intensive work out because it causes stress to the body and it slows down the weight loss progress, but some folks says it's okay.
so, I am confused.


Staff member
My experience has been that when I am burning fat for fuel, I still have the same amount of energy as if I were eating 3 meals a day. If I eat too much carbs and start burning sugar for fuel, then I am exhausted much faster.
Mankind was designed to be able to live on our stored fat and still be able to go out and hunt for more food, maybe for days before they found anything. We live in a modern world where there is plenty of food available for us at all times, and have been programmed to think that we need to eat every few hours; but when you consider people who live in primative societies, they do not have food unless they can go out, hunt for it, and usually have to track down an animal and kill it to have food.
Our bodies don’t need to be able to do this , but we are able to do it , if necessary, of mankind would not have survived if they had to have food every few hours every day.