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Greetings to one and all and a Happy Thanksgiving.

On May 7th I weighed 280 pounds, wore a size 42-44 pant when I started the Ketogenic diet. Unlike many people I did not experience the "Keto Flu" and I think the main reason I didn't was the amount of water I drank. I have been in the habit of drinking almost a full gallon of water every day for many years. Also, I started every day with the same meal, bacon and sausage. So, I was in taking lots of sodium too. Anyway, I started with three meals a day and after about 2-3 weeks I started feeling better and I could see the weight loss in my face. The biggest surprise was that my psoriasis started to disappear. Matter of fact, it completely disappeared in most places and in other places, about 90% of it disappeared.

I started IF, 16-8, about 3 weeks into my Keto journey and finally was doing OMAD by the end of July. Like most people, I watched a ton of YouTube video's and read a lot of information. But, I was pretty strict Keto until August. After that, I didn't feel bad about eating a fairly normal Sunday lunch with my parents. Then Monday, I would start the Keto plan all over again.

Outside of the week plus we went on vacation (a cruise and visit to new Orleans) I have been pretty much Keto the entire time. About the middle of October, we started doing Keto through the week and relaxed on the weekend but OMAD all esxcept Sunday. Like many people, I experimented a lot. Went through a few weeks of doing a combo of Keto and the Fast Diet but I see that more of a maintenance thing for the future. I no longer use MCT Oil and things along that line because for me, at this point, I'm not worried about expelling Ketones as I was a couple of months ago. (I used to test myself at least 3 times a week)

This past Tuesday when I stepped on the scale, I weighed 199.3. I was finally under 200 pounds for the first time in YEARS and this was probably the first time my wife has seen me under 200 pounds since we married nearly 25 years ago.

I feel good. I don't go hungry and for me Keto has worked great. Couple of things that really helped me; My wife joined me on this journey and she has lost over 30 pounds so far. That is a big deal, support. I normally eat 1/2 cup of macadamia nuts and 1/4 cup of walnuts after supper that give me my healthy fats (Omega 3 too) and keeps my satisfied until my next meal 23 hours later. I have also used Apple Cider Vinegar, turmeric, and I drink Dr. Berg's potassium drink many days after I work out. BY THE WAY, that has mostly consisted of walking on a treadmill. Once I lose a few more pounds, i will start back doing weights again. My goal is 160-170 by the end of tax season (April 15th)

But, this has never been a forever thing for me. I enjoy too many different foods and just will not do without to stay strict Keto long term, day in and day out. I think we have settled on Keto through the week and whatever we want on the weekends, but, still do OMAD except on Sunday's. Of course, if we have an event during the week, I no longer feel bad about partaking and will just restart the next day. Such as today, Thanksgiving, I think being off sugar has been the biggest win for me and has impacted my health more than anything else.

So, my encouragement isn to experiment. There are too many people that have beliefs you must do this or you must do that. But every body if different so just experiment. I would encourage a low carb and no sugar diet though but be consistent. I do believe OMAD works and works well in many area's, among those of course weight loss. But like anything else, you need to do it right. I doubt you could eat a double quarter pounder with cheese, large fry, large coke, and a large DQ Blizzard every day. Maybe you could but I don't think it would be good for you. But, ask questions, experiment, and more than anything, THINK LONG TERM. We often look at it in the way, I must lose weight when in reality it should be, I must get healthy. The weight loss will occur off you do that IMO.

So, thanks for this great web site and forum. I love reading the success stories and I do learn from so many people. Keep them coming please.


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Wow ! What an amazing story, @Brian , and thank you so much for sharing with us.
It is interesting how well keto and Intermittent Fasting go so well together, and it seems like once we start eating the low carb foods, and burning fat, then intermittent fasting just becomes natural because we have so much less hunger.
I agree that trying to stay with a strict diet (of any kind) long term, is just not going to be do-able, because we then feel deprived, and have resentment for our diet, instead of happiness with it.
My overall goal is to be as healthy as I can be, and take as good of care of my body as possible, so eating a nutritious diet is important , but I still have days when I do eat “comfort foods” , it is just not a big part of my life anymore.
There is a lot of good information on the main page of this website, and Jimmy also has a Facebook Group, if you like Facebook. There is a link to the group on the main forum website page, as well.
Welcome to the [email protected] of you to have shared your experiences it was worth the read and it really motivating too I can feel your excitement from here just like the day I realize that I have lost some pounds when I initially came on board.i hope you will continue to keep at it. Glad you are doing pretty good.
I am happy that you have achieved that goal of weighing less than 200. Just like you said, we should always try to do it right when it comes to the diet plans that we do especially as regards Omad as that is the only way that we can get nice results at the end.
A long journey indeed. You are doing fine on this keto-OMAD journey. Am glad that you have started to see changes. I love it that you take much water. Water is very good for IF
Yes, it is important to drink water while fasting! I love stories like this. *inspirational* especially for the KETO-OMAD beginners. Your weight loss is huge. Congrats, I am happy for you! I hope you'll remain as a part of our society!
Wow, that's a very inspiriting story. I'm extremely happy that your motivation to achieve success and lose weight actually worked for you and you managed to do it. Myself, I did too indeed manage to lose some weight and get back in shape thanks to OMAD after giving birth to our daughter.
I've read your story late. You have a long journey in diet. It's great that you achieved what you want and also inspire others to continue doing Omad. I salute you for not giving up. Your weight loss story is very inspiring.
I love your weight loss journey. I, 100% agree with you. In mid 2017 I was looking to desperately loose weight and I started on the slow carb diet. This worked for me and I took the founder Tim Ferris's advise. He refuses to give many rules on this diet and says that you should experiment and see what works for you. I took his advise and landed on Intermittent fasting and eventually OMAD. I also started with the 16-8 protocol and graduated to 23 hours and one meal per day. I combine mine with slow carb which is basically low carb but allows you to have beans and legumes. Slow carb also allows you to have a cheat day where you can eat as much as you want. After reaching my weight loss goal I plan to maintain by doing keto. I agree that you should try out different things and do what works for your body.
Seriously, your success story with OMAD is incredible. Getting to lose that amount of weight within that period of time is amazing. It only shows that you were dedicated to following your diet plans. It's never easy at first but when you are committed and determined to succeed in OMAD, you are definitely going to even when it's hard, positive results are guaranteed.