Flaxseed or Fish Oil

Which is better to take, flaxseed or fish oil?
Well, I have been consuming roasted flaxseed powder along with warm water for its nutritional benefits for a long time and I will certainly recommend it to all. Roasted Flaxseed powder can also be used in various foods to increase their nutritional value. I also have taken fish oil capsules in the past for its various health benefits. I think that Fish oil is best consumed in intervals rather than consuming it on a regular basis. There can be side effects in some people when they consume fish oil. However, the regular use of Flaxseed does not have any side effects.
I havent seen my mother use flaxseed. She always buys Fish Oil for our stock. I know that Fish oil is really recommended especially for those who are in diet, like us. It's rich in nutrients and Omega 3. I haven't tried flaxseed. Since young I only see fish oil in the kitchen.
The most confusing thing about all these supplements are that the advise on them keeps changing and new supplements are always coming up. In my Country the new 'it' supplement is flax seed and chia seeds Based on the Harvard write -up its better to have fish oil. Sometimes you reach a point where you are confused about what to have. I'll bet you anything that they are other studies that would recommend flax seeds. Everyone I know has or prefers flax seed because it is the new super food/supplement.
Since I was a kid, I never felt comfortable taking fish and any stuff that comes with it. This is the reason I have picked the flaxseed oil as one that I make use in making meals for my Omad as well as to keep my skin in great condition.