Do you prefer the treadmill or walking outside?

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I read a very interesting article recently that discovered that the single best way to run was barefoot, outside, on natural terrain. It's how our body is designed to work. There's a crew of runners that do marathons around the perimeter of some smaller islands in Hawaii that run the whole of it barefoot through grass and sand and dirt. You might not have the most attractive feet afterward, but it's good for you!
Well I have always prefered to walk and do jogging outdoors. Getting up early in the morning and doing your exercise in the fresh air outdoors is much more appealing than walking on a treadmill inside your house or gym.However when you dont have time or when it is raining outside then doing your exercise on the treadmill is the only alternative available to you. As far as walking or running barefoot is concerned i have never done it in my life and i cannot do it without wearing shoes.
I used to do it on the treadmill, didn't want anybody seeing me, a big guy trying to jog in the sidewalk, with all my fat jiggling around, I was insecure that way. But now that I got older, more mature, and rally didnt care about what others think mostly, I find that jogging outside is better. Sometimes I go for a run and don't realize I was doing it for almost an hour, in treadmills there are timers. But the problems are the rain, chasing dogs and their poop, you know.
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While it's true that walking barefooted is very healthy, but sadly it's non applicable in my country. I live in SNG and people care little about the society and the environment. There's a lot of broken glass and all sorts of trash everywhere. But yeah, I'd say walking outside is just the thing for me.
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