Diet soda ruins everything

Hey there!

I've been on OMAD for about a year now. The first week was an absolute nightmare, but eventually I got so used to eating only once a day that it just became normal. I won't lie - I'll have two or three days every month, where I absolutely cannot help myself and end up having a second meal, but other than that I'm keeping up with the whole thing fairly well.

I was at 130kg in March last year. Sorry for using kilograms here, it's just how folks measure weight where I'm from. Let's just say I was massive. Obese, sweaty, short of breath, my heart would occasionally skip a few beats, then start racing like it was ready to jump out of my chest. I tried and failed just about every diet under the sun before I got to that point, then tripped over some videos about intermittent fasting, which lead to OMAD, so I figured I may as well give it a shot.

About seven months later I was down to 100kg. Looked better, felt better, life was great. I was only overweight now, but no longer obese. And then the weight loss just stopped. I continued eating once per day, I walk 5k every other day or so, I didn't gain back any of my lost weight, but I simply stopped losing weight. The one change I had made by the end of last year was to switch out water for Pepsi Max and Diet Coke. That stuff was my treat. Tasted better than water, made up for the lack of snacks and treats - I craved that stuff so much, I'd drink up to six cans a day.

Then my partner gave OMAD a try after she had gained a bit of weight over the Christmas holidays. We ate the same meals at the same time together, exercised together, did pretty much the exact same stuff at the same time and she steadily lost weight every week. And I didn't. The only difference was how she drank nothing but water, while I still drank Diet Coke. So I went back to water.

It was hell at first. I had cravings for an entire week. Not just for sweet stuff, but I just felt hungry all the time. For the first two days I didn't even manage to eat only once, but ate again by midnight. Went back to eating once per day on the third day and kept it up since. And for the first time in months, my weight went down again. And it's been going down week after week ever since. I'm hoping to hit 90kg by the end of the month.

I know the guidelines on this website clearly state you should stay away from diet sodas. But I ignored that. You know what it's like. You watch a bunch of videos, read a few blogs and you end up picking whatever sounds best. Some sites claim that, while diet sodas aren't great for many reasons, you can have them on OMAD, since they have no calories. Yeah well. Drinking them like they're going out of fashion must have put my body on an all-time insulin high or something, because I lost absolutely no weight, whatsoever. Granted, I also didn't gain anything, because these sodas have no nutritional value and I simply didn't eat a whole lot, but they completely stopped my weight loss for several months.

Long story short, stay away from diet sodas. I didn't believe they could seriously have such a negative effect, kept drinking lots of them and then I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wasn't losing any weight. After several months of zero progress I had basically accepted that my body was simply going to maintain those 100kgs. I know it's incredibly stupid I never even considered the Diet Coke was the problem until my partner joined in and drank only water. So don't be stupid like me, avoid some real frustration and don't fall for any of that zero calorie nonsense. Artificial sweeteners are just the worst.