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I'm using an app called Zero Calories. I'm not sure it's the best app to use (not sure what's out there) but it times from when you stop eating until when you eat and then saves it. Thanks for the reminder, by the way! I just finished eating so I hit start on the fasting app.

I ended up getting Chinese takeout which wasn't as yummy as my homemade veggie bowls. Not bad though. I ate that, some snacky foods, and some M&Ms. Whereas in the past I would save my leftovers, I've found I've been composting a lot more food with omad eating. The reason is I think I'm pickier about what I eat if I'm only eating once a day. I think the quality (except for today) of what I eat is up. For instance, in my Buddha bowls I have spinach, avocado, chickpeas, rice, Brussels sprouts, sliced banana and chopped tomatoes (with lime and lemon juice and garlic salt to season). All very yummy and healthy, and I eat a lot of the spinach. I found Meyer lemons at the dollar store so I tried them sprinkled on the spinach and Brussels sprouts. I put the lime juice on the sticky white rice. It's a very satisfying and tasty meal. Fast food (which I sadly ate a lot of before) just doesn't compare.

I have a lot of food in my kitchen now that I wonder if I will ever eat. Only the best for my tummy these days it seems. :D
Have you been happy with the app so far?
I just suck at remembering to use the app. I think if I remembered to use it, I'd like it. I'll try to remember to use it tomorrow.

Today I had lunch with a friend and also had dinner but tomorrow I'm planning on only having dinner.


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What is in your Buddha Bowls, @caroveg ? It sounds like an interesting name, and I am curious what they contain.
I sometimes have something light to eat when I am uncomfortable and having a hard time fasting, and many people do just as well with an intermittent fasting window of 16/8, and still lose weight even with that short of an overnight fast.
For me, I try to eat enough protein foods with my meal to help keep me full longer, and still not have so many of them that I am overeating, and then I use the salad for a good way to have something healthy that fills up my stomach.

Sometimes, I will have a small salad in the evening, especially if I have had my meal fairly early in the day, maybe along with a cup of the chicken broth/boullion.
I want my body to be able to get into fasting and repairing at night, but on the other hand, when I go to bed really hungry, then I do not sleep well; so it is self-defeating.
I think it is just a matter of experimenting with what works best for each person, and also of following our body when it is telling us that we need to eat, or we need to stop eating.
The Buddha bowls I make are usually the same ingredients, because I like that mix so much. Rice, spinach, Brussels sprouts, chickpeas, tomatoes, sliced banana, and avocado. I'm thinking I can add grilled portobello mushrooms also and that would be good. I use lemon and lime juice on the greens and rice and a little garlic salt with the chickpeas. So it's a big, strange but tasty mixture. I've noticed since I've started eating one meal a day that the quality of my food is generally better. Not always, but in general, I prefer to have high quality ingredients and my home-cooked Buddha bowls rather than my restaurant favorites.

I also have broth during lunch time. Broth and tea. It really settles my stomach well and makes getting through the fast so much easier for me. I know there are purists out there that would call that a "dirty fast" but I don't care. It's still less calories coming into me and it makes the fast easier for me. I work a very sedentary, sometimes slow job, so it's not always easy for me to distract myself even when I want to, from the hunger.

I also would find sleeping with a hungry belly difficult. I think that's why I do the evening meal for my omad. It also makes my life easier not to have to think up and bring a lunch or breakfast to work every day. It's made my life much easier. I have the tea and broth bags here at work so that part is simple.

Yesterday I did 2 meals, but they were close together. The first meal was too small, and at my parents' house. So I ate again when I got home. I think the structure of my work week makes it easier to do omad during the week.
Last night I had 2 chocolate bars on top of veggie Ethiopian. So I probably won't lose weight for a while. However, I am back on track. I'd like to find some healthy snack foods I can have after I finish my Buddha Bowl, so I won't go for the junk. I'm not sure what but it has to be tasty too. I'll have to think about it.
I ended up snacking on some freeze-dried fruit, which was tasty. Crunchy and sweet. Today I had Chipotle bowl and chips with queso. I also had some more of the freeze dried fruit when I came home. Getting through the day without eating has become easier, but I do rely on my coffee with creamer, broth, and occasionally tea with creamer. I brought mineral water once but my coworker, who always brings seltzer water of some sort, thought it was his and drank it up! Quite funny. I didn't say anything because it was already too late. I need to find a way to label it so no one steals it unknowingly next time.


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I like carbonated water, too, and I have read that it actually helps a person to feel full better than regular water, due to the carbonation. I have tried both the plain carbonated water, as well as the flavored ones, and I like both of them, just depending on what sounds better to me at the time.
Sometimes I do have a sugar-free soda, usually along with my meal for the day, but since I know they are not healthy, I only have those occasionally.
It has been cold here, and I have been drinking more hot drinks than cold ones right now; so coffee, tea, and broth have been the main things that I have been drinking most of the time.
I am looking forward to spring, and those warmer days !
I like carbonated water, too, and I have read that it actually helps a person to feel full better than regular water, due to the carbonation. I have tried both the plain carbonated water, as well as the flavored ones, and I like both of them, just depending on what sounds better to me at the time.
Sometimes I do have a sugar-free soda, usually along with my meal for the day, but since I know they are not healthy, I only have those occasionally.
It has been cold here, and I have been drinking more hot drinks than cold ones right now; so coffee, tea, and broth have been the main things that I have been drinking most of the time.
I am looking forward to spring, and those warmer days !
Me too! I love warm weather. My heating bill doubled this month since I've been running both space heaters in my little studio. I had hot drinks all day -- coffee, broth, tea. Then I had Ethiopian for dinner. It was very tasty but hate to say this - I totally over-ate. To the point my belly aches. No wonder I have weight to lose! Anyway, no more appetizer and dinner for me. The silver lining is that I don't think I'll be hungry for quite a while. I think I can sail through another 2 days at the fullness level I feel now. :D

I'm too full but soon I'll be pleasantly full and life goes on. I'm studying this evening so I like having a full belly when I study.
I didn't do omad on the weekend because I had plans with friends and family. I'm back to omad on the weekdays. Now my work knows I'm fasting. It's a small office so they all know. Unfortunately I couldn't partake in the cupcakes for an employee's last day. Too bad. I would've liked to try the lemon one but I would rather lose the weight. I have just a few more minutes and then I'm off and can go home and enjoy dinner. I'm not sure what I'll have but I'm sure it will be yummy!
Welcome to the OMAD diet forum, @Vegomad ! Are you also doing a vegetarian OMAD or are you doing a vegan one ? We have a section here for both vegan and vegetarian people, as well as just a lot of threads for people who eat mostly plant-based.
Thank you very much flower lady !
Ideally I am vegan but occasionally eat eggs from my parents chicken. Exceptionally as well cheese (in France and Switzerland we can hardly leave without) but extremely rare. So,yes, let’s say vegan
I didn’t saw the veggie forums, will go right now!
First of all, I wanted to see if i can adap to OMAD and I must confess that I feel very great after 4 days !
That's good you are feeling good @Vegomad. As @Happyflowerlady said, welcome!

I had another weekend where I did not eat omad. I ate 2 or 3mad because of social obligations and traveling (not easy access to tea, etc.). Actually Friday was a very stressful day at work and I ended up ordering a lunch for myself. Then I had dinner also. So 4 days in a row of no omad. Monday I took off from work because I had a bad headache. I ended up eating some small meals on Monday.

Today at work I started omad again. I really wanted to eat my Buddha bowl again for dinner, which I finally had about 6:30pm. It was a long day waiting to eat but I barely had any hunger pangs so it was easy. I just wanted to eat because the Buddha bowl is yummy. Finally, around 6pm I was hungry but I had a meeting so I had to wait a bit more. Anyway, if I could just stick with omad on the weekends, I'm sure I'd start seeing some weight loss. I think I gained some weight or at least maintained my current weight from these days I took off from omad. I also have the habit of overeating sometimes, which is of course not good. And lastly I have not had much exercise. I'm working full time and studying on the side so I feel I have very little time left to exercise. I wish I could incorporate it into my life more but it's not easy. Anyway, omad seems to be working for me for the weekdays at least!
Yesterday I had lunch at work because we were celebrating a new client. I was busy and couldn't eat my lunch right away and then it wasn't that great when I finally got to eat it. I also had dinner but did not pig out. Today I'm back on omad and I'm relieved. It's much easier now for me and I also like that my one meal is usually high-quality fresh foods. I'm really looking forward to my Buddha bowl. It's like I crave it. It really is so yummy.


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I can relate to the craving, @caroveg . Now that I mostly have the big salad with lots of veggies, and some red or white beans, I find that I look forward to that meal most of the time.
Some days, I am hungry for something else, but that salad seems to be my “go-to” meal for the day, most of the time.

My daughter is taking me along with her on a trip to Hawaii in another week, and so I have been thinking about how I want to handle that. Since it is a special occasion with food that I will never have another chance of trying, there will be some days that I won’t be doing OMAD.
However, she is going to be working most of the day, so dinner will be the main time that we will be having anything special to eat; so it may work out okay for me to swim, enjoy the beach, and stuff like that during the day, and then just relax and have whatever i want to have for dinner at night.

Since I will be swimming ever day, and walking more than normal, I should be burning up more of the calories each day as well.
All,this is very true ladies. I am as well enjoying kind of mixed salad with veggies (cooked and not), tofu, a bit of olive oil (or other oil), nuts, red and white beans, etc etc. This is very Colorful and tasty and fills me for the whole night and next day. I am preparing this when times allows during the day so all is mostly ready should it be to difficult to wait after 5pm when my eating window open but, in fact, this,whole week I ate at 6!

@caroveg your journal,is very intersting, thaks again.This is a very good tool!
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Thanks for visiting. I love when my meals are colorful and tasty. @Vegomad you meal sounds good! Hope you enjoy your time in Hawaii, @Happyflowerlady.

I have had a crazy schedule lately where I've been missing sleep and events after work that make it hard to keep to my same routine. I've tried eating at work but it's not the same. I can't eat as much so I've compromised and have had 2 meals lately, or more. I'll be glad when this week is over and I can get back to my omad routine (which is to have dinner right when I get home around 6pm). I've been drawing inspiration from the facebook page and people's befores and afters. Honestly I have not made much progress on that front, but you can see that I haven't been as strict as others and have had weekends off, etc. I'll try to do better but I know today I'll have dinner (already had lunch but not much). Then tomorrow I have another event after work which involves alcohol, so I don't want an empty stomach for that, so I'll have lunch tomorrow too. I just have a small burrito but it's enough to help. Anyway, once tomorrow's over I plan on getting omad figured out and squared away so I can get back on a good schedule!
Hello again. I haven't been the best but in my mind I've been thinking about getting back to omad eating. I think I'll be able to this week. I haven't even purchased lunches for the week because I want to make sure I stick to omad. It's much easier for me to do omad during the weekdays rather than weekends. I have to work on eating omad on the weekends. So often social stuff comes up which makes the schedule not easy for me, but I want to try and accomplish it so I can see results. Soon I think it might get easier, since I am applying to drive for Lyft and will plan to do it on the weekends and evenings (or maybe even early in the morning before my day job). I think having to drive for Lyft on the weekends will occupy enough of my time that I'll be able to do omad more easily. I'm excited to make more money and also for the different people I'll meet.
Hi again. I have been doing omad but sometimes I fail and I wanted to come back here and report success! So I haven't written in a while because no sooner do I get a few days under my belt of omad but then Bagel Thursday happens and it seems to ruin me through Friday at least or sometimes the weekend (coupled with whatever's going on during the weekend). Basically, I haven't been as strong as I needed to be. I am trying again though! I think it takes a lot of effort and persistence to get this right, to become consistent, which is my goal.

This week I had Monday through Wednesday with good omad days, then at work we had Bagel Thursday and I succeeded in getting to dinner without eating anything except I had a pretty unhealthy dinner. I had an appointment after work and so was extra hungry during dinner time and I kind of "let loose" rather than have my regular healthy dinner which I didn't feel like having. Then Friday, yesterday, I ate during the day and ended having 3 meals a day and it felt like a ton of food but by most people's standards I wasn't overeating.

Anyway, I'm back to starting over yet again. I slip up but I really do want to do better. I'll try to be more consistent this week and ignore the bagels, or take one home to have with dinner on Thursday evening. If I do well Thursday I won't feel that defeatist mentality on Friday which sometimes makes it too easy for me to give in to cravings and have too many meals in my day.

I have also been busy and dealing with some work stress lately. I will try to deal with all that as best I can without using food to comfort myself.

Other than all that, I'm excited to be doing omad and want to get some results! Omad has taught me that I can go for quite a while without needing to eat, that I don't feel hunger even and I can truly be ok on just omad.
@caroveg. I enjoy reading through your updates and thank you for doing this. I'm getting back into omad after being off of it for more than a year. I went through a lot of personal problems, but am ready to get back into it. Reading thru your posts have helped me.