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    Wine and nuts

    The only concerns I'd have about nuts is that they can be really high calorically, and it's easy to snack on them and completely blow out your calories if you're not careful. A small handful of peanuts can be a couple of hundred calories alone, for instance. I love the odd glass of wine and...
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    Balut for protein

    Oh, I've never tried this but my husband had Filipino friends growing up and they dared him to try it! It's not common here in my country but I heard it's quite a delicacy there. I imagine it's great for protein but I still don't think I could ever eat it!
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    Watching tv triggers my craving for food

    I was a snacker with TV too, but these days if I'm watching TV I prefer to prepare hot tea or coffee and sip that through my shows. Usually though I end up reading instead - I find that keeping my hands occupied by holding a book or my kindle seems to keep any feelings of hunger at bay more...
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    Less sleep can make you gain weight

    This is actually a big part of why I got started with OMAD. After I had my second child I was getting less sleep that ever, and found myself relying on food for energy, in a really unhealthy way. Eating chocolates, cookies, and all other manner of junk foods just to get through the day...
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    No carbs can make you sluggish

    I do struggle when I cut out carbs completely but these days I just try to make better carb choices. For instance, a baked sweet potato or a serving of quinoa instead of white rice tends to work better for me.
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    Soup dishes are rich

    Some soups, especially creamy ones, are so high calorically - and it can be deceptive since soups are generally thought of as light, healthy meals. I've seen soups like potato and bacon soup be marketed as healthy options when in fact they are loaded with calories!
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    Omad Diet In the News: NIA study links fasting to longevity

    I'm not surprised by this! I think the "modern" way of eating three meals a day is so dangerous for health, for overeating, for consuming junk. When I fast I'm so much more deliberate with my food choices and I think that's hugely important too.
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    Soda is like beer, makes you gain weight.

    I think sugar is just as addictive as other drugs! I've found that since doing OMAD I barely consume sugar in artificial forms at all, and it's helped me so much - from clearing my skin to helping me lose weight and feel more energetic overall!
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    Spicy food to burn fats

    I love spicy food - I never thought about it from a fat burning perspective, but I just love spice because it's so flavorsome. When I'm eating one meal a day, I like what I eat to be packed with flavor, that way I don't feel like I'm depriving myself! Spice is a fantastic way to do that, and if...
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    Has anyone ever eaten omad past the one hour mark?

    A couple of times I have, mainly because of poor planning or getting interrupted within the eating window (ie. When I’ve had an unexpected phone call for instance). Other than that though I try to stick to the window as much as possible. It just works easier for me when I’m consistent (and maybe...
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    What Exercises are you doing daily?

    Well, I walk every single day - I have a dog who needs to exercise and go out so that one is a given. It’s low impact though so it doesn’t really exert me. Other exercise though is probably 3-4 times a week, whether it’s cycling, a mountain hike, or a fitness class or home DVD.
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    How often should a person exercise?

    I think it depends on the exercise you’re doing and the intensity. Low impact walking for instance is fine to do every day, but if you were doing heavy weightlifting you’d probably want to incorporate some rest days into your schedule to allow those muscles to recover. It’s all about common...
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    Excessive exercise can wear you down and your appetite as well

    This is an important reminder! I think like anything in life, going to extremes can be dangerous, even if it’s something most people would consider to be healthy and good for you - like exercise! I always try to incorporate rest days into my schedule too...I think that’s very important.
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    Using the stairs for exercise

    This is something I try and do as well! It’s amazing how much incidental exercise can add up. Simple things like walking more instead of driving can also help!
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    4:3 vs. OMAD

    I hadn’t heard of the 4:3 diet before but for me I think OMAD would work better! For me I just like routine and consistency so doing the same thing each day is more convenient!