What are the best shake supplements that helped you lose weight?

I have tried a couple of shake supplements to give me more energy throughout the month and I see little results. I still have a thing for napping in the middle of the day. I don't like 5 hour energy drinks or energy drinks period because of the harm it causes to your body. Is there some that are healthy for you?
I’d personally avoid consuming pre-made shakes. They’re promoted as weight loss and fitness supplements, but the fact is that a lot of them are loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar and carbs. Unless you're burning all of that off through exercise, you're not going to lose weight. Companies have to load them up with sugar or else most people wouldn’t bother drinking them.

I’d personally recommend making your own homemade smoothies and shakes. I’d recommend getting some classic smoothie ingredients—like fruits, berries, coconut water, soymilk, cacao—and learning some tasty smoothie recipes. Combine them with an unflavored whey protein isolate and you’ve got yourself a low calorie shake that should help keep you lean and healthy.
Any kinds of shake as long as it is made of the fresh fruit itself not the powder one. Powder shakes are not that healthy because of some ingredients that they add in to it. One more good thing about the fresh fruit is that you can taste that natural flavor unlike the powder one.