The importance of adequate iodine in our diet, and how to supplement.


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Iodine is one of the most important minerals that we absolutely have to have in our body, but also one that many people do not get enough of. Our thyroid gland uses a lot of iodine, followed by the breasts and reproductive organs, and when we do not get enough iodine, one of the first symptoms is apt to be hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid).
One of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism is extreme fatigue as well as weight gain, so if you have switched over to intermittent fasting and OMAD diet, and are still feeling low energy, or not losing weight, possibly you may be iodine deficient.
Natural sea salt has over 84 trace minerals in it , and is very good for our body, but most of the salt sold commercially has been bleached, and prosessed so much that it is just chemical sodium chloride, and has no real health benefits. I prefer the pink himalayan sea salt, and it seems to me like it has a better, saltier flavor,

Unless you have a lot of sea greens ( or at least sea food) in your diet, there is a good chance that a person is iodine deficient. This happened to me, and I started gaining weight, no matter what I did or didn’t eat, and I felt totally dragged out every day.
My doctor recommended a thyroid test, and it turned out that I had a very low functioning thyroid, so they gave me supplemental thyroid, and I also started taking a few drops of Lugols Iodine each day to supplement my iodine intake. It took a while, but once I started the iodine supplementation, I started feeling much better, and the extra weight that I had gained came back down again.

Here is an interesting article about iodine deficiency.
Eat a healthy and adjusted eating routine. Fish can be a decent source of iodine, despite the fact that this is variable. Dairy items additionally contain iodine so go for that yogurt. I am not a specialist or nutritionist so make a point to converse with your specialist about a specific concerns.
Most people make the grave mistakes of belittling the importance of iodine as one the needed nutrients in our body. Fatigue and weight gain are among the side effects of having less iodine in our meal.

Using iodized salt in preparing our meal is one way to getting this very important nutrient in our body.