NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin for Men - with Whole Food Vitamins & Organic Extracts - Natural Supplement - Best for Energy & General Health - Non-GMO

been taking these for about a week used to take 1-a-day but found these to be better.

They also have for women..
Thank you. I'm going to to try these! I've been looking for something like this!
I tried taking in Optimum Nutrition Gold standard Whey Protein, Vanilla flavor and it's 5.5 lbs. I also tried taking in Creatine which is from Optimum Nutrition also and I tried Hydroxicut the white one. I can say all of them is effective however it's also costy that's why I stopped consuming.
I don't drink supplements at all and prefer to rely more on vegetables and fruits for my additional nutrients but from time to time I will take some vitamin C in the form of a seltzer drink that I have heard is very effective and from my experience it is because whenever I feel like I'm going to get sick I take one or two of those and am able to prevent it. I think the seltzer form is more effective, from what I've heard, because it gets absorbed by the body more efficiently, though I haven't really looked into that myself so I'm not completely sure if that's just a myth or not, but it does work for me at least.
I take what we called Centrum. It is a multi vitamins that really have all the vitamins we need. Kinda pricey but it is okay if it will be good for my health. Once a day I take it as my supplement.