My progress 136-121

Hi there! We are glad to have you and share your progress here. Hoping that you could make it without messing up. If ever that you would feel down and hopeless, don't forget to drop a message here in our discussion and we'll try our best to help you. Good luck!
Oh,Don't just be here for a month. I tell you this forum is super helpful for those who are in diet and also for those who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Take note that all the information here are very informative and some are based on each members experience on doing Omad. I join here after a two months of doing Omad. The forun helps me a lot especially in knowing what is good and not for the diet. Hope this will help.
This is good. I have done Omad for some weeks now without messing things up and it has been awesome. I was encouraged by the success stories shared by my mom, whom I introduced to the diet, of how she shed some belly fats by taking part in the diet plan.
Hey yall ive been doing OMAD for a bit here now. I havent been super consistent but i really want to try for 30 days OMAD no messing up. Ill be logging here everyday about changes and progress.
@OMADMAMA Welcome! This is a wonderful group! I am confident that you will never mess up! You got this! Just do it one day at a time!

The entire team is behind you!!!!