Minerals and fasting

During fasting we do need to fulfil the need of the daily supplements. So, having extra minerals and nutrition is important. Supplement in the form of minerals and vitamins are easily available in the market. Moreover, some supplements are added by drinking water, juices, and tender coconut water.

During fasting, I generally wake up having water melon juice and tender coconut water with the white coconut jelly to eat.
It’s all going to depend on whether or not you think you’re getting enough from your diet. If you have a diet rich in leafy greens, grains, beans, and nuts, then you probably aren’t going to need mineral supplements.

But still, the simple fact is that some of us can only stuff so much food into ourselves during a small eating window, and we might end up with less vitamins and minerals than we actually need. I definitely don’t think it would hurt to take multi-vitamins and minerals, particularly while fasting.
I think you should seek professional advice first before trying or adding supplements on your fasting. If you feel something wrong during fasting, it may not be insufficient minerals or nutrients it could be fatigue or a side effect of fasting. So i think a professional advice is really appropriate for correct measures.
@fishbate I've been fasting for a few months now, I've never known fasting to cause fatigue. If anything it energizes you.I think no matter how you feel it is advisable to take supplements, because you can never get everything from food, especially cooked food. Considering you may be eating less now on OMAD, I would take a mineral supplement if you can. I usually just have a muti-vitamin that has both minerals and vitamins and that serves me well.
Whenever I fast I don't drink Vitamin and Mineral Supplements because drinking it while fasting gives me an upset stomach. That's why I refrain from drinking any multivitamin and mineral supplements during a fast. I would just resume drinking it after the fast and doing this works for me.